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Kronenbourg: French beer tradition from Alsace since 1664

French beer comes mostly from the regions of Grand-Est, Hauts-de-France or Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. This is also where the market leader is based. The Kronenbourg brewery, founded in 1664, is also one of the oldest company in the country.

Every third beer drunk in France comes from the Kronenbourg breweries. The noble brand 1664, the only one French premium beer, ranks third among all beers sold in France and is exported to 70 countries. Kronenbourg is with a spontaneous Awareness of 65% the most famous beer brand in France, and the most popular beer with a 30% market share. Other national and international brands such as Kanterbräu, Grimbergen, San Miguel and Guinness complete the product range of the company, which has been part of the Carlsberg Group since 2008.

Master brewers guarantee the quality of the beer

The History of the Kronenbourg brewery started in the city center of Strasbourg when the brewmaster Geronimus Hatt in the restaurant Le Canon started selling his own beer. The company later moved to the Cronenbourg district, this in German spelling (with "K") gave the brewery its name. Since the closure of the company museum, which is well worth seeing, only the Kronenbourg Foundation has remained in Strasbourg.

Headquarters and production facility are located in Obernai, 25 km southeast of Strasbourg. It was there about 50 years ago that the at that time the most modern and largest brewery in the world. Today it employs around 800 people who under the direction of 15 master brewers all Kronenbourg beers brew.

These Maitres brasseurs (2 thirds of them women) are graduates Brewing engineers or brewing technicians and have at least two decades of professional experience. You choose the raw materials off, determine the Recipe for the different varieties, monitor the Manufacturing process and control the taste. Your work is like that of an oenologist.

The former Kronenbourg master brewer Nathalie Dalliès said a few years ago:

"The taste palette for beer can be just as rich and varied as it is for wine. We vary the taste and style of the beer, for example by changing the ingredients or the temperature."

Defend your own French note

Hops, barley, malt and water come from the Alsace. The yeast secret is closely guarded. Since beer is a natural product, Kronenbourg is committed to preserving nature out of its own interest. This is of fundamental importance Purity of water, the above Taste and quality of the beers decides. The Obernai plant's sewage treatment plant has a capacity that would be sufficient for a city the size of Strasbourg.

Although most Kronenbourg beers would meet the German purity law, this is not noted on the label. That doesn't mean the German market, on which the Carlsberg Group is already represented, is of no interest to the company, but the Alsatian brewery want despite the German-sounding name defend their own grade. Kronenbourg stands for French beer taste from Alsace.

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