What does an associated software developer do

Conception, design and implementation of web-based systems for the planning and operation of cyber-physical systems

A cyber-physical system (CPS) describes a network of embedded systems that is characterized by a high degree of networking, complexity, sensors, actuators and distributed intelligence. CPS are the basis for self-optimizing industrial production systems that can dynamically adapt to the respective requirements of production. New methods and tools are necessary for the planning and operation of CPS. Here, the use of semantically interoperable data formats and communication standards plays a decisive role for the adaptability and efficiency of these systems. In this context, the Chair for Factory Automation and Production Systematics is looking for a student assistant in the field of software development.


  • Familiarization with the topics of planning, development and monitoring of cyber-physical production systems
  • If you are suitable and interested, it is possible to derive studies and theses from the activities


  • Payment via student assistant contract
  • Free division of working hours
  • Start by appointment
  • Minimum number of hours: 10 hours / week
  • Interest in long-term cooperation
  • Experience in the field of software development should be available
  • Keywords: AutomationML, COLLADA, OPC UA, HTML (5), JavaScript
  • More information by email or by phone

Please send your applications by e-mail with your curriculum vitae and a current overview of subjects to the following contacts judge:

Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Brossog
M.Sc. Hans Fleischmann
Erlangen, Egerlandstrasse 7-9
+49 9131 85-27991
[email protected]
[email protected]


Subject area:

Engineering systems

Degree course:

Computer science, IPEM, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, industrial engineering

Technology field:

Planning and simulation, software engineering and deployment