Should I become a medium founding member?

I.S.A.R. Germany is INSARAG certified

Quality assured disaster relief

I · S · A · R Germany was the first rescue team in the world to be tested and certified as a "medium team" by the United Nations (INSARAG) for the first time in 2007. I · S · A · R Germany was able to provide evidence that all requirements are met in order to professionally carry out search and rescue measures at an accident site for at least 10 days and to survive independently within this period. In Germany, I · S · A · R Germany is currently the only aid organization certified as a “medium team” by INSARAG. This guarantees quality-assured international disaster relief at the highest level under the umbrella of the United Nations (UN).

Why is INSARAG certification important?

The trigger for the establishment of INSARAG (International Search and Rescue Advisory Group - International coordination group for search and rescue teams) was the severe earthquake in Armenia in 1988. A large number of international USAR teams (Urban Search and Rescue Search and Rescue in densely populated areas) offered his help, but the coordination of the many emergency teams was very difficult. That is why the founding members of today's working group D-A-CH (Germany - Austria - Switzerland) initiated the establishment of a platform for the coordination of such disaster situations in 1991.

In the years that followed, an initial set of rules was developed that laid down standards and procedures for international USAR teams. The founding fathers were driven by the idea that effective aid from many aid organizations can only take place in a well-coordinated manner, while adhering to fixed rules.

In 2002, INSARAG was recognized by the UN General Assembly through resolution 57/150 and assigned to the UN department OCHA (Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs).

Today all INSARAG-certified aid organizations work hand in hand on international missions under the umbrella of the United Nations (UN).

INSARAG units ensure that they

  • are standardized in terms of equipment, team structure and tactical approach.
  • support the coordination measures of a country affected by the earthquake according to established rules.
  • undergo constant training and further education measures.
  • Contribute to the constant further development of the standards.

Today more than 90 civil protection organizations are members of INSARAG worldwide.

Recertification ensures that the high standard is maintained

Every 5 years a certified unit has to undergo a recertification by INSARAG. Under the eyes of international observers, both the administrative and the practical alignment with the specified standards is checked. The highlight of the review is the 72-hour operational exercise under realistic conditions.