How strong is Luffy after defeating Katakuri

Will Luffy defeat Kaido? How will he defeat him? Is Luffy getting stronger?

Chapter 984 of One Piece was recently published and developed through to the Onigashima War.

While minor squabbles have already taken place, a war between the Alliance of Big Mom & the Beast Pirates and the Rebellion Army has not yet started.

After reading some theories online, I was wondering about the aftermath of this war and a question popped into my head: Who will defeat Kaido? Will it be Luffy? Here's a breakdown of what I expect from the Onigashima War and Kaido's defeat.

While Luffy will play a major role in Kaido's defeat, he won't be the (only) person to land the final blow on Kaido.

It's obvious that Luffy is nowhere near Yonko level, and even after the brief training session, there's no chance anyone in the Rebellion Army can beat Kaido in a 1v1 victory.

It is possible that after a long battle the three main players involved in this war - Kid, Luffy & Law - land a combined final attack to defeat Kaido.

1. Luffy's current strength

I. gear 4

Luffy recently had a 1 on 1 against Katakuri, the First Commander of the Big Mom Pirates. While it's hard to see it as a win, the fight showed us how strong Luffy has become since the time jump.

Aisle 4: Snakeman is likely the final shape for Aisle 4, and we've seen how powerful it can be with Luffy's back against the wall. But is it strong enough to take down a yonko? By far not.

II. Kaido K.O'd Luffy

At the beginning of Wano, Kaido was looking for Luffy and they "fought". Luffy was defeated in a single attack - Thunder Bagua, much like Big Mom knocked him down in a single attack.

This scene was intentionally included in the story to show the immense power gap between Luffy and a Yonko. It is obvious that Kaido cannot be defeated by him in a 1v1.

III. Haki training

In Udon prison, Luffy was handcuffed with Sea Prism Stone to deprive him of his power. In this form, he exercised his body by doing the grunt work for the prison.

He then met Hyogoro The Flower, who taught him the basics of ryou for a week. Luffy is undoubtedly stronger than before, but a week of training is not enough to beat a Yonko.

2. Kaido's defeat

I. Matchups

Before we wonder who will land the final blow, we need to figure out the characters who will fight Kaido.

Here are some of the possible matchups:

  • Black Maria & Ulti for Robin & Nami (exchangeable)
  • X Drake and Hawkins versus the remaining Tobi Roppo
  • Kin'emon, Raizo & Momonosuke versus Orochi & Kanjuro
  • Denjiro, Izo & Kiku versus Oniwabanshu
  • Marco versus Big Mom
  • Nekomamushi & Inuarashi versus Jack
  • Sanji versus Queen
  • Zoro versus King
  • Luffy, Kid & Law versus Kaido

There may be changes to this list based on how people switch pages. and Zoro will play a role in Kaido's defeat since he has Enma, but the three Supernovas will play the main role in Kaido's defeat.

3. Last battle

Kaido is considered to be the strongest living creature and it is said that he cannot lose a 1v1. Hence, Kaido will face three key players - Kid, Law & Luffy.

Hopefully these three supernovae will be enough to crush Kaido's tyrannical rule. I think the final blow against Kaido will be a combined attack by the trio.

Much like Roger & Whitebeard were rivals, the new generation must have one too, which is why Kid and Luffy were formed as such during the Sabaody Arc.

Luffy did an incredible job to earn him a bounty of over a billion berries. However, Kid & Law has much smaller bounties in comparison.

If Luffy lands the final blow, he will be honored and the rivalry no longer makes sense, so it is likely that all three will land the final blow.

4. The ultimate goal - King of the Pirates

Luffy set out to become the pirate king, and the series wouldn't make a lot of sense if he didn't achieve that goal.

To be the freest and most wanted man on the planet, Luffy would have to be the strongest. Although he's not as strong as Kaido (let's face it, Luffy is a teenager and Kaido is 50-year-old Yonko), at some point Luffy will surpass everyone.

Luffy won't be stronger than Kaido at the end of this arc. However, he will be the strongest person by the end of this series.

5. About a piece

One Piece is a Japanese shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. It has been serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump Magazine since July 22, 1997 and collected in 2020 Tankōbon volumes from April 96.

The story follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a boy whose body acquired rubber properties after inadvertently eating devil fruit.

With his pirate crew called Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy explores the Grand Line in search of the world's ultimate treasure, known as the “One Piece”, to become the next king of the pirates. The anime series is produced by Toei Animation, which aired in Japan in 1999.

Originally written by Epic Dope

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