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Soda, baking powder and Co. - the powder for all cases

Half of baking powder consists of baking soda (Photo by: geo-grafika / Depositphotos)

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Sodium hydrogen carbonate, the correct chemical name for baking soda, is used as baking soda in cooking and baking. It is the salt of carbonic acid and a hydrogen carbonate. It is available in pharmacies, drugstores or the baked goods department in the supermarket.

Soda is also called sodium bicarbonate, bicarbonate, baking soda, Bullrich salt, or Kaiser soda designated. It shouldn't be confused with soda. Soda is a salt mineral known in English as baking soda. Here are our tips on how and when to use baking soda correctly.

Use in the kitchen

The fine, white and odorless powder can be used in many recipes. It is suitable for home-made lemonade, for example. If you want to cook caramel sweets, baking soda creates a loosened sugar mass.

With a little baking soda, quark can be made into cooked cheese. Soda in the cooking water makes cabbage vegetables easier to digest, while legumes cook more quickly when the powder is added.

With baking soda, egg whites turn into solid egg whites more quickly. Above all, however, baking soda is used as a leavening agent. When combined with acid, it works like baking soda. Therefore, dough that should rise with baking soda has to be added a little vinegar or baking powder is used in addition to baking soda.

About half of the baking powder consists of baking soda. In order to work reliably as a leavening agent when baking, baking powder also contains an acidifier, for example citric acid. Baking powder also contains release agents that prevent the driving effect from starting too early.

So baking soda cannot be substituted for baking soda. However, a little baking soda in the dough supports the effect of baking powder.

Since baking soda binds acid, it can save food that has got too much vinegar or lemon juice.

For homemade lye pastries a lye made from water and baking soda is used. Three tablespoons of baking soda per liter of water result in a caustic soda solution in which the pastry is boiled before baking, giving it its characteristic surface.

Stirring in water, baking soda can help against heartburn (Photo by: ajafoto / Depositphotos)

Health and beauty

Baking soda can bind acid and has various health benefits. Stirred in water it is a remedy for heartburn, bloating or belching and in lukewarm water a good gargle solution for sore throats and swallowing difficulties.

It can also counteract excess acidity in the body and influence the acid-base balance. Natron helps endurance athletes to improve their performance. Soda on the toothbrush helps whiter teeth due to its abrasive effect, but this trick should only be used occasionally.

Soda is also ideal for a warm foot bath. The baking soda nourishes the skin and softens the callus. Soda is basic and increases the pH value in the water. This softens the skin of the feet. 3 teaspoons of baking soda in a small tub is enough for a wonderful foot bath.

Soda as a home remedy

As a home remedy, baking soda can soften water for making tea or coffee. It loosens burnt or dried food residues and neutralizes bad smells.

Soda is also used in house cleaning as an oven cleaner, scouring agent, all-purpose cleaner, mattress finish against odors, but also for cleaning the toilet and textiles as well as carpets and upholstery.

Recipe with the use of baking soda:

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