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Vietnam is one of the countries that is very popular with tourists. This is not only due to the good climate and the many attractions, but also to the exotic fruits of Vietnam. Most of the products are known all over the world, there are products that do not leave the country. Below is a list of the most popular fruits of Vietnam 7.

What fruits are eaten in Vietnam?

  • Mango.
  • Longan (dragon eye).
  • Lychee
  • Durian
  • Sapodilla
  • Cream apple
  • Dragon heart

What fruits are popular in Vietnam: TOP-7


Vietnamese variation is clearly different from other types of fruit, more sweet taste, tenderness and consistency of consistency. To try the mango straight from the tree, you must visit the country from February to May. This fruit is actively used in local traditional medicine due to its beneficial effect on the digestive tract and cardiovascular system.

Despite the amazing aroma of the fruit, don't get too carried away - large doses can cause allergies, plus it's high in fat. A special restaurant has been opened for mango lovers in Vietnam - Mango Rooms. All dishes on the menu are made from this fruit.


Round fruit growing in bunches. When using, the fruit must be separated from the shell and bone. The taste of "Drachenauge" is reminiscent of grapes and melons at the same time. Eat this fruit in Vietnam from June to August.

Low calorie product, suitable for everyone. Used as an antioxidant. It improves sleep and eyesight, helps relieve tiredness and headaches. It is prescribed for the treatment of oncology.


The fruit is similar to longan in many ways. The main difference in taste is that it is sweeter for lychees, and in the skin color it is bright red for lychees, when the "dragon's eye" is more often brown tones. This fruit is eaten in Vietnam from May to July.

Eating lychee regularly, but moderately, will help lower cholesterol and improve potency. The fruits have a beneficial effect on the liver, pancreas and the work of the SS system. The product is perfect for transportation as it retains its beneficial properties even in can form.


The fruit contains volatile sulfur compounds and has a rather unpleasant odor. It is eaten not only by gourmets but also by tourists in Vietnam. The main task - after skinning, eat the fruits quickly until the sulfur goes down. The taste of the fruit is similar to yogurt, where berries and fruits are mixed.

Transporting durian is prohibited, so you can only try it domestically from May to November. The product is characterized by its nutritional value. It is not recommended in large amounts for those who follow waist size, as well as those with high blood pressure.


The fruit grows on an evergreen tree and is light brown in color. The shape is round, the average diameter ranges from 5 to 10, see yellow meat, has a sweet taste. There are small seeds in the fruit that are not eaten in Vietnam. The taste of ripe fruit is similar to persimmon, but it is not recommended to eat unripe fruit.

The best time and place to try the product: the southern part of the country from September to December. Sapodilla is known for its large amount of fiber, which is mostly used to make cosmetics due to its latex content.

Cream apple

It grows at tree heights of 4.5 meters, the collection time is from July to September. The romantic fruit of Vietnam has the shape of a heart and a diameter of 16. A stiff, flaky skin hides a creamy flesh with a sweet and sour taste.

100 grams of this fruit contains 20% of the daily intake of vitamin B. The nutritional fruit consumed in Vietnam has a positive effect on eyesight and the activity of both halves of the brain. Also has the ability to shoot migraines.

Dragon Heart (Pitahaya)

These fruits can be found on the shelves of the CIS countries. It is a kind of cactus, but with pink skin. The meat has the same amount of edible seeds as kiwi. Its color depends on the ripeness and varies from creamy to reddish. The taste of the pulp is similar to the taste of cooked beet salads mixed with strawberries. To try this fruit straight from the vine in Vietnam, you don't necessarily have to choose a specific season - the plant bears fruit all year round.

The fruits are often eaten in Vietnam to strengthen the endocrine system and restore the gastrointestinal tract. It also helps with diabetes, but don't overeat. In addition to food, "dragon heart" is used in cosmetology in the manufacture of creams and masks.

After reading this article, not only will you know what kind of fruits are eaten in Vietnam, but you will also be thinking about when it is best to go on vacation to taste the maximum number of fruits of nature. Although almost all fruit can be bought on the shelves of local stores, the nutritional value and taste of fruit just taken from a tree or shrub is much higher and better.