Should HBO Watchman extend for another season

"Watchmen": Why only 9 episodes instead of 10? What was missing + S2 chances

While German fans are still a little longer until Watchmen-Finals at Sky Have to be patient, the finals in the USA have long been over. But instead of the usual ten episodes HBOAs was also announced, the season ended with nine episodes. Series creator Damon Lindelof explained in an interview the plan change and what is missing as a result:

When you see episodes 4 and 5 of Watchmen When I finished, it became clear what had to be done in episode 6: Angela's part of swallowing the nostalgia pills. Episode 6 explained everything that started the endgame, so it felt wrong as the middle episode and they didn't want to start with a pure filler episode. Therefore, it was decided to shorten the season instead of artificially bringing it to ten episodes.

Lindelof regrets, however, that he no longer has the background to Lady Trieu (Hong Chau) in Watchmen could show how it was planned. Maybe a reason to catch up on that in season 2? There is no extension yet, but this would be possible through the final, even if not absolutely necessary. You could leave the series like that, but if you've seen the finale, you would surely like to have the final question answered, which is being teased. You will understand what we mean by that when you see it. ;-)

This also speaks in favor of letting Damon Lindelof continue in the event of an extension, even if he himself was in another interview Collider spoke of the fact that he wouldn’t mind if someone else did another season Watchmen developed. That would keep the series fresh with new ideas that someone else would bring in. He wrote his love letter, now someone else can Watchmen-Expand the universe with an independent story after his story has already expanded this world a little more.

He could get one Watchmen- Introduce a season that does not contain a single known character from the original or the season, Lindelof told EW. It all sounds like that he doesn't necessarily want to answer his own final question himself or even accepts it as remaining open. Because no well-known character in a new season, Angela Abar (Regina King) exclude ...