Are all freshly caught fish sushi quality

Local fish like sushi

  • Unknown

    Hi guys,

    I would be interested if someone
    Experience in preparing raw fish.

    First and foremost, my concern is our home
    species. whitefish, predator, salmos ...

    18.07.19 19:361
  • Fly

    Graved trout is delicious.
    I do that very often.
    Not like sushi, but raw fish.
    Whipped, it tastes similar to smoked salmon.

    18.07.19 19:440
  • Unknown

    jo Fly, pickled and possibly cold smoked, is clear as far as this.
    I'm actually interested in the absolutely spontaneous preparation.

    18.07.19 20:030
  • Unknown

    my wife likes the sushikram from the market.
    To be honest, I'm not a fan of that.
    my goal is to build it myself, freshly caught.

    18.07.19 20:100
  • Michael Rosskopf

    Ceviche already made with pikeperch, waller and trout. Tastes at least as delicious as with cod.

    18.07.19 20:380
  • Swimmer66

    It doesn't get any fresher than that. I would spontaneously take anything for sushi that is tender and not white fish because of the bones.

    18.07.19 20:430
  • Earthy

    Trout pikeperch can be eaten raw, but it is best to cut the pikeperch thinly. You can also dribble lemon or lime on it then it tastes like link is about raw and it tastes good if you like sushi

    18.07.19 21:530
  • Christopher Rรผsing

    Cod bomb catches fresh and I'll give you tip marinier it with sweet and sour chili sauce. 100% stand guarantee

    18.07.19 22:172
  • Timo73

    If you want to make sushi you should freeze the fish for 3 days at a minimum of minus 18 degrees, otherwise you run the risk of getting really badly ill after that it is suitable for sushi of all kinds

    18.07.19 23:292
  • Unknown

    There was actually an article about sushi right on the water. Bleak was prepared as sashimi. Unfortunately, of course, I can't find this article again, as a result of various forums on the Internet in an issue of Esox.
    It is important to check for parasites and I think the enjoyment depends on the water quality, as always.

    19.07.19 05:050
  • nobby112

    Sushi is great.
    But you should know your body of water and the population very well.
    Otherwise it can have very unpleasant consequences ๐Ÿคฎ

    19.07.19 05:170
  • Fritz Kallage

    So I once made trout tartar as a starter while eating fish with a trout caught in the morning.
    Simply filleted, skin off and bones out, finely chopped and with parsley and some white balsamic vinegar from the spice shop ๐Ÿ˜… was mega delicious and went away like nothing.
    Sushi is still on the to-do list
    But what should happen if you take a fresh fish that looks healthy. There are no diseases that can be directly transmitted from fish to humans ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ

    19.07.19 07:570
  • Timo73

    But there are very likely parasites that are transmissible. I have already experienced this live in my professional career

    19.07.19 08:040
  • Palino

    "There are no diseases that can be directly transmitted from fish to humans"

    This only applies to fish that has been cooked through.

    19.07.19 08:120
  • Unknown

    I ate fine slices of freshly caught Mefos in Norway, Sau tasted delicious!
    But I think you have to be careful because some fish species often have parasites (e.g. nematodes).

    19.07.19 11:130
  • Unknown

    I once read that freshwater fish are not really suitable for sushi, as they can have parasites more often ... saltwater fish are probably better ...

    01.09.19 12:050
  • KurtMigge

    You should have frozen the fish once, then the parasites are dead ...

    01.09.19 14:010
  • Sperm angler

    In this country, fish for sushi has to be frozen through beforehand, so I would also do that with myself caught, like many of the previous speakers. And basically no cyprinids because of the bones.
    On the other hand, cold smoked carp ham is a delicacy ๐Ÿ˜‰ but it is also cut very thinly. But falls into a different category.

    01.09.19 14:490