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Muehlhausen im Kraichgau community

At all times it wasAngelbach a wild fellow. But since the rain retention basin was built in 1984, the stream that gave the valley its name has been tamed. What was born out of necessity at that time has acquired great ecological importance over the years, especially for the bird world.

Due to the diversity of species and the number of wintering water birds, it is, despite its small areamain wetland of the low-water Kraichgau hill country and therefore of particular importance far beyond our home region.

The biotope is not only a paradise for breeding birds, but also serves as a small oasis as a resting place for migratory birds. The area plays a role as a feeding habitat and resting place for migrantsimportant ecological role. This has increased in recent years, as the formerly large water surface has been silted up by the loess brought from the fishing stream for years.

Due to the deposited mud, several headlands have formed parallel to the direction of the flowing Waldangelbach, which are repeatedly partially flooded when the water level is higher. On these silted up areas there has already been adiverse flora settled with many flowering species. Above all, it is moisture-loving pioneer plants that colonize these newly created areas. They offer the birds privacy protection for periods of rest and hiding places for their nests and young. In addition, there is the abundance of food in the mud banks.

Such places are precious and therefore of supraregional importance for the survival of rare species. And the “guest list” at the Mühlhausen biotope is large. Twelve species of birds that are recorded on the Baden-Württemberg Red List can be observed in the flood retention basin, these are the spoon, teal and teal, the water rail, the goosander, the little grebe, sandpiper, green shank, stork, sandpiper, kingfisher and Little ringed plover. Not only the number of endangered species, but also the existence of a high population density in many species underlines thisspecial quality and protection of the area.