What inspires you when you travel

8 popular travel blogs to inspire you

If you don't know exactly where your next trip should go, travel blogs are the best source of inspiration! Authentic travel bloggers take you on their adventure and reveal useful tips and their personal highlights. Here are some great travel blogs that will make you want to go on vacation right away!

22 Places is a really thrilling source of inspiration! The 2 full-time travel bloggers Jenny and Basti share their own experiences, travel tips and the best hotspots with their readers. The first time you look at the blog, you immediately see the attention to detail and feel directly connected to the adventurous couple, because they convince with their open and authentic manner. One thing is particularly noticeable: the great pictures that come with every article are. In addition to traveling, they love taking photos and sharing their knowledge of photography with their readers.

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Susi's trips are just as special as the unusual name of her blog. It describes the black points on the map where she has already been and the white spots that describe the countries that she still wants to explore. Together with her readers, she would like to gradually color the entire world map black! Each black point tells its own extraordinary story, which Susi likes to share: She blogs about unique travel topics and gives real insider tips and detailed reports. She continues to fascinate her readers with adventurous places that may not have been considered as travel destinations before.

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Do you love traveling in nature and are you interested in diving and trekking? Then you have to read Christian's travel blog! The authentic freedom lover would like to show his readers new perspectives on life with his stories and thoughts. He reports on his favorite sports, diving and trekking, gives valuable tips and talks about his trips to different countries. Pure inspiration!

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Katrin travels a lot. And share all of her experiences on her blog! She explores a new country without prejudice, forms her own picture of it against all prejudices and passes on her real impressions to her readers. It summarizes in detail all the highlights, tips and sights of a region. In addition to general travel tips, you will also find topics such as backpacking, packing lists, equipment and travel planning on her blog. Through her many road trips and numerous experiences, she has already seen a lot of the world and helps you to experience your own adventures with her travel experience.

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You don't want to spend your vacation in the popular tourist hotspots, but rather experience an extraordinary adventure? Then let yourself be inspired by "Adventure and Travel"! Real insider tips from travel experts who travel a lot and share their experiences with their readers. Here you will find, among other things, travel tips and inspiration, hotel recommendations and lifestyle topics, such as sports activities while traveling or different types of trips. And that from places all over the world! From current travel trends to (still) hidden places with a lot of potential, authentic trips are presented that are suitable for everyone.

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The founders of the travel blog "Sommertage" are Kathi and Romeo, who describe themselves as free spirits, travelers and individualists. With their passion for traveling and photography, they take their readers on a virtual escape from everyday life. They show you places that you may not yet know and write open and honest reports about sights, their own experiences, tips and personal highlights. In addition to the blog, they also have a YouTube channel that brings you even closer to the travel experiences of the two. The blog is divided into the different continents the two have been to. The great design of the website is easy to get carried away with!

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A travel blog for real outdoor lovers! Kathrin, or better known as Fräulein Draußen, loves hiking and camping and brings her readers closer to outdoor life in nature. Here you will find everything to do with an active holiday, especially hiking and cycling are in the foreground. Are you looking for a perfect hiking route? Fräulein Draußen shows you her favorite routes around the world. She has been everywhere, whether in Asia or South America. Through personal pictures of her experiences and great views, you can experience her exciting stories together with her! It is definitely not the typical package holiday where you lie in the sun all day, but real adventure.

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Bravebird is a travel blog by Ute, a courageous woman who travels the world alone. She shares her experiences from different countries with her readers. She gives general travel tips and recommendations for accommodation or activities. The special thing about her blog is that she also reveals her own stories on various topics - such as traveling alone as a woman or sustainability when traveling. Ute has also published three books, such as “Brave Girl”: She gives tips to other women traveling alone and has written down all of her knowledge from her own experiences in order to prepare people perfectly for their solo trip.

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Now we wish you a lot of fun on your virtual trip! Get inspiration for your next trip and maybe one of the blogs will become your favorite travel blog.

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