Are the Canaan ethnic groups Egyptians

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For Jan Assmann, questions about historical reality lead nowhere: the biblical stories are contradicting themselves and extra-biblical sources and traces could hardly be found. [15] That is why he uses the method of memory history, which no longer asks how it actually was, but how it was remembered, that is, when, why, by whom, for whom, in what forms this past became important. [ 16] In the opposite direction, one can also ask which known events could have been linked to the traditions. Of particular interest here are the unquestionably verifiable, centuries-old contacts between the Egyptians and their Western Semitic neighbors (let's call them Canaans, residents of Palestine, Syrians or Hebrews), not only in the archaeological remains, but also in the oral one and literary tradition, that is, in the cultural memory of the peoples and tribes concerned, must have left traces. [17]

In the future, photos for identity cards and passports are to be taken directly from the passport authorities and recorded electronically. The Federal Ministry of the Interior wants to prevent counterfeiting

Cholera is transmitted through insufficiently treated drinking water or raw food and can therefore be avoided through appropriate food and drinking water hygiene. Only a small part of the people infected with cholera get sick and of these again the majority with a comparatively mild course. The indication for a cholera vaccination is given only very rarely, usually only in the case of special exposures such as working in hospital with cholera patients, see information sheet on cholera

Not far from the Old City you will find some of Jerusalem's liveliest entertainment and shopping centers. The Mamilla shopping center is only a few steps away from the Jaffa Gate and is considered to be one of the most luxurious shopping centers in the city, with luxury shops, the Akasha Spa in the Hotel Mamilla and several restaurants with great views. If you follow Hebron Street you will come to an entertainment complex, which is also where the Yes Planet cinema is located

There is currently no quarantine for travelers who have stayed in green countries 14 days prior to entry, including Germany at the moment. From November 8, 2020, Germany will be one of the red countries. There is then also a quarantine obligation for travelers who have been in Germany in the last 14 days.

In September 2015, a group of tourists was accidentally shot at by Egyptian security forces in the western desert area near Farafra; there were several fatalities. Even already approved desert excursions can be forbidden at short notice by the military and security authorities. in particular, the connection from 6th of October City to Bahariya is still closed to tourists and foreigners according to official information due to military operations in the western desert. Refusals can occur. The extension of the existing restricted areas is subject to constant changes.

There is a domestic flight network (Tel Aviv-Eilat), numerous bus connections and a rail network. The alcohol limit is 0.5. Outside of built-up areas, dipped headlights are mandatory during the day from November 1st to March 31st.

The prevalence of HIV in the country is low at less than 0.1%. There is always a high risk through sexual contact, drug use (unclean syringes or cannulas) and blood transfusions.

The Foreign Office strongly recommends that all travelers behave in a safety-conscious and appropriate manner. Before and during a trip, travelers should inform themselves carefully about the conditions in their country of travel, behave appropriately, follow the local media and report suspicious incidents (e.g. unattended luggage in airports or train stations, suspicious behavior by people) to the local police or security authorities

Travel and safety information is based on information from the Federal Foreign Office that is available at the specified time and that is deemed to be trustworthy. A guarantee for the correctness and completeness as well as a liability for possible occurring damages cannot be assumed. Dangerous situations are often confusing and can change quickly. The decision to undertake a trip is your sole responsibility. References to special legal provisions abroad always concern only a few selected questions. Statutory regulations can also change at any time without informing the Foreign Office. It is therefore recommended that you contact the competent diplomatic or consular representation of the destination country.

The onward journey or transit to other countries can be restricted or connected with an obligation to test before departure

The question of how long the Israelites stayed in Egypt is not an easy one to answer. In Genesis 15:13 and Acts of the Apostles, the time span seems to be 400 years. In Exodus 12:40 it says: And the time that the children of Israel lived in Egypt is 430 years. Galatians 3:17 states that the law was given to Abraham 430 years after the promise. This promise lasted long before Israel went to Egypt, and the law was given after they went out. According to this point, the stay in Egypt must have been much shorter than 400 years. A much shorter period is indicated in Genesis 15:16, where it is said about Israel in Egypt: In the fourth generation they will return here. If we turn to Exodus 6: 16-20, we find exactly four generations, namely Jacob's son Levi, Levi's son Kehat, Kehat's son Amram, and Amram's son Moses. Alternatively, if you start with Levi, who moved to Egypt with Jacob, you can also count the sons of Moses as the fourth generation, who were born before the exodus from Egypt (cf. Ex. 2.22; 4.20). If you now assume that at that time a man had his first son at the age of 40, it would have been ten generations in 400 years. In addition, the mother of Moses (Jokebed) was Levi's daughter (Numbers 26:59). Amram had married his own aunt (Exodus 6:20). If Moses was born when she was 47 years old and he was 80 years old when he left, the sum of these periods of time (88 + 47 + 80 = 215) makes it clear that Israel may have been in Egypt for about 215 years. This period is now generally accepted.

Even if there are currently no specific indications of a threat to German interests abroad, it cannot be ruled out that German citizens or German institutions abroad will also become targets of acts of terrorist violence

Proof of a polio vaccination within 12 months to 4 weeks prior to entry is required from all travelers arriving from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Niger or Syria.

The old city of Jerusalem has been a center of culture, religion and history for thousands of years, from the time of the Jewish kings and the Roman era to the times of the Islamic Empire and the modern state of Israel. Every brick and stone is full of history. No trip to the Middle East is complete without strolling through the alleys of the bazaar, walking over the city walls and the Old City, the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Temple Mount (Al-Aqsa) and the Tower of David Museum having visited.