What is the decision making process in Facebook



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    Tedious decision-making processes are a thorn in the side of many citizens. An intact democracy is characterized precisely by taking into account as many interests as possible - even if the associated procedures can sometimes be very tedious. The topic sheets aim to create an understanding of the fact that democratic decision-making processes are complex and time-consuming, but are necessary and useful in pluralistic societies. They are not only made when making a choice: Every citizen can also influence the political process through targeted engagement.

    Please note: In each themed booklet you will find an introduction for teachers as well as a double-page worksheet in the class set (i.e. around 27 copies).

    You can order a maximum of five copies of each themed issue.

    The issue of the topic sheets contains a class set of 32 double-sided (identical) worksheets in the tear-off pad. Background information for teachers provides an overview of the topic and provides information on how to use the worksheet and copy templates in the classroom.

    Editors: Christoph Koch / Hendrik Hegemann / Florian Grosch / Dr. Michael Wehner, pages: 72, date of publication: May 21, 2008, place of publication: Bonn, order number: 5947