What is Peter Cech's role at Chelsea

Over a year after the end of his career | Chelsea put Cech back in goal

It's never too late for a comeback ...

Goalkeeper legend Petr Cech (38) is back in the Chelsea squad! So the man in the helmet could move into the goal of the English again - more than a year after his career ended.

The "Blues" are actually anything but thin in goal and can fall back on Edouard Mendy, Kepa Arrizabalaga and Willy Caballero. However, coach Frank Lampard (42) wants to play it safe.

Lampard: “We had a free place on the team. And we know that this year is different because of Covid-19 and because of what impact the virus could have over the year with player selection and isolation. So it was an easy decision. Pete continues to do his usual job, but he's there when we need him. "

Cech has been a consultant at Chelsea since the summer of 2019 after retiring from his active career. The Czech guarded the goal of Chelsea FC for a total of eleven years and then stood between the posts for Arsenal for four years.

Lampard and Cech know each other well and were on the pitch together in the English Champions League win against Bayern in 2012. Now they are reunited at Chelsea.

Lampard: “Pete has been training with the goalkeepers for a while. He spends a lot of time with them, which is priceless. He helps us in training. And it helps me to know that he is passing this quality and experience on to the goalkeepers in training. "

He shouldn't be completely out of practice anyway: Cech is regularly in goal for the Guildford Phoenix ice hockey team in the 2nd division.