Can there be anything supernatural in real life?

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HistoryFantasy, Supernatural / P18 / Gen
It's about a young girl named Sakura who goes to an ordinary school. At the end of the summer holidays, a new student comes into the class. It's a blond boy with bright blue eyes. After the first few minutes, the other girls in the class started whispering. But it shouldn't be the only surprise. It's almost like a curse coming upon them. Suddenly there are incidents everywhere, from a normal robbery to weird death. She tries to find out what this is about and who is responsible for it.
History supernatural, love story / P16 / Gen
The angel Lucifer, a beautiful but jealous being. He started a war with his followers because God created Jesus and he preferred him to Lucifer. Ultimately, Lucifer and his entourage lost and were banished to Hell, Lucifer assumed the title of King of Hell or Satan, and the fallen swore vengeance. This version will be familiar to most Christians, but it doesn't stop there, oh no! This is just the end of the beginning! Few will know that he had a child with a human. This child is my story ...
History supernatural, love story / P16 / Gen
Everyone knows the story of heaven and hell. Falling over Lucifers and how he betrayed heaven. But what if we look at everything from a different point of view? What if Lucifer was right? ....
StorySupernatural, Love Story / P12 / MaleSlash
The one place where Julian can best think is the city cemetery, because here he is always alone and undisturbed, until that evening when he makes a strange acquaintance.
Short storyMystery, Fantasy / P12 / Gen
A little post-apocalypse. I can't say for sure how long the story will be. Just that I hope you like it :)
Short storySupernatural, love story / P12 / Gen
Some fall in love with princes, others marry the frog and particularly daring ones dare to woo the antagonists. In stories at least, love is often associated with obstacles. Is everything a little different in real life and at least a little easier in your relationship? Bad luck if you fall in love with someone you shouldn't actually see or hear and whose presence is usually associated with your own death.
StoryPain / Comfort, Supernatural / P16 / MaleSlash
This story is about bullying, suicide and their thoughts. But also about a boy Omega who still finds his way, with lots of ups and downs. But read for yourself. It was one of those days when the Alpha Junior and his friends used me as their personal whipping boy.
Short storyFear, Supernatural / P12 / Gen
Hello, I am ... - You will find out later. Assuming you read this story, but I can hardly make this decision for you. It's my story. Mine and my dead sister's. Read it. Only then will you know what happened. Do you dare?
HistoryGeneral / P16 / Gen
The demon Sakkut reports about his existence and his work on earth, as well as his mission.
HistorySupernatural, love story / P12 / Gen
He didn't fit into her world. And she didn't fit into his. He was her end. But she was his beginning. He was the darkness. But she was the light. He was the suffering. But she was the redemption. He was the Death. But she was life. And as contradicting as it seemed; their hearts had chosen.
HistoryFantasy, Supernatural / P12 / Gen
Marry? You? The Pegasus mare Edelweiss is horrified when she learns that she is about to be married. Her brother Furious Lightning is looking forward to being rid of his sister for the rest of his life - then he discovered something horrific. One of his sister's suitors is a believed dead murderer of his friends, the Cejala family. While he tries to convince the others that he is right, a friend, young doe Feline, has completely different problems. Her son detests her, her best friends can no longer look at each other without hurting each other and in the midst of the leaflessness she almost runs out of herbs.
HistoryGeneral / P18 / Gen
Robin Aldrin can save people, but one person couldn't save them: your daughter. Plagued with guilt, she resolved to save the people who were in danger. But she soon realizes that her daughter's death did not happen by accident, because someone was responsible for her death.
StoryAdventure, Supernatural / P16 / Gen
Chaos, war and death. All in a world that normally causes this. After Sannah White opened the seventh seal, her best friends, who were also her closest confidants, disappeared without a trace. Nobody knows anything about the famous music group anymore and because only Sannah can remember them, everyone declares them crazy. She is helpless, confused and frightened, and yet she is needed in Hell more urgently than ever. There are not only old friends waiting for them, but also new faces who should put their world back into perspective. However, Sannah's help is urgently needed in the world of demons, because feathered monsters are already expected.
StoryMystery, Supernatural / P16 / MaleSlash
This is the story of Lobina, a witch who lived at the end of the Thirty Years War, Sist a reincarnation that I experienced and the only time that I remember being a woman. The story came to me and so I wrote it down.
Short storyDrama, Mystery / P12 / Gen
A place at the end of the world, in icy cold and infinite silence - and somewhere, on the edge of the perceptible, it lurks ...
SongficMystery, family / P16 / Gen
Song: Black Sun by E Nomine. "All these beings." They would have to conform to a new law. The law of life and death that they could ignore until now. Death was only a possibility, a being no longer wanted, it closed its eyes and died. It was one's own will, otherwise they were all immortal: the demons, the angels, the animals and also the masters of this world: the shapeshifters. He gritted his teeth to swallow his anger.
Short storySupernatural / P12 / Gen
I lie motionless in the dark and build myself a fair ...
HistoryFriendship, Pain / Comfort / P12 / Gen
I feel like I'm on the run, on the run from the pain that consumes me and from which I cannot find rest. But suddenly someone creeps into my life who will change everything. But who is he? And why is he here? When the lines between natural and supernatural blur ...
StoryMystery, Supernatural / P16 / MaleSlash
After the "dancing bear" was able to tell the beginning of his story in his true form on the first night, he now tells how he came into the power of Lobina, what he found in her house and how she began to tell Hans her life story, like her Witch became and what she experienced.
Short storyPain / Comfort, Supernatural / P16 / Gen
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