How do I share my Outlook calendar

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Synchronize appointments in Outlook and share calendars

The procedure for calendar synchronization differs slightly from that for contacts. Switch to the calendar view in Outlook and then click on "Open calendar -> Create new, empty calendar" at the top. Assign a meaningful name and make sure that "Calendar" appears under "Type". Create the new calendar with “OK”. Now click with the right mouse button under “My Calendar” on the left and select “Config CardDAV Sync” again in the context menu. In the first line of the configuration window, enter "", of course with your email address. Complete the lines below as described above, save with "Save" and close the window again manually.

It is best to try out the data synchronization with the contacts and appointments right away. It works in both directions, so you can create, change or delete something in Outlook and see the change - of course only after the set synchronization time has expired or after a click on "Syn All" in the Outlook program - under Google. Any changes made to Microsoft's office software via Google services will also appear.

By the way: In Windows 8.1, upcoming appointments on the PC are also displayed on the lock screen.

In the same way, you can synchronize other calendars in Outlook, for example those of the other family members. Google itself also offers the option of sharing calendars. To do this, log into the Google calendar and select the relevant one under "My calendar". Clicking on the small black triangle to the right of the entry shows the other options, including the option to share (“Share this calendar”). Publication in full is usually not desired, so limit the release to certain people. You can also set whether they can only see the appointment entries or change them themselves.