Ayahuasca is legal in California

News: DMT, mushrooms, mescaline and cannabis LEGAL

In our temporary, digital absence this summer, something has changed in terms of legalization and decriminalization positive changed on this planet. Not in Germany, but you shouldn't let that disappoint you right away, because at the end of the article I have some really good news for us Germans too.

But first to the news

Oakland, California, became the second city in the United States to decriminalize psychedelic substances like mushrooms, DMT, mescaline, and ibogaine. In general, it should already be known that cannabis has been completely legal in California since 2018. In short, it is now about all psychedelic substances that can be obtained naturally, i.e. from plants. This means that all Oakland residents can now grow entheogenic plants themselves at home and share them with friends, relatives, neighbors, etc.

The Oakland City Council even speaks in its statement of the therapeutic benefits of the psychoactive plants. After all, entheogenic plants have been used for thousands of years Healings, to increase the creativity, the achievement of Knowledge and more spiritual Connection used. Medical studies also prove the positive effects of herbal, psychedelic substances in the treatment of depression, anxiety, social disorders, drug addictions, or physical complaints such as cluster headaches. In ancient cultures around the world, mushrooms or DMT, for example in the form of ayahuasca, were ritually taken in groups under the guidance of a shaman.

With this decision in Oakland, a few weeks after a similar decision in Denver, it shows that even today people in our society can be trusted to handle such intense substances as DMT. This gives people back a piece of self-determination and responsibility for their own lives.

Police and citizens without fear

Even the Oakland police are not concerned about public safety regarding the decision to decriminalize psychedelic plants. She trusts her residents to deal with this new freedom.

Since this summer, some citizens of America have had a little more personal responsibility and opportunities in terms of psychedelics. And yes, unfortunately nothing is happening in Germany. But that shouldn't bother us any further, after all, nobody in Germany has to go to waste if there is the possibility of traveling. And, as promised at the beginning, we have a few events on the topic of DMT for you too. At germanspirit.de, you can book everything from the DMT weekend in Oakland to the one-week DMT retreat in Hawaii. So nothing stands in the way of your interdimensional journey.