Why do people eat cheese with beer

Beer to cheese

When you think of cheese, you immediately think of red wine.
But a good beer can also go very well here if chosen correctly.

Some aromas in the cheese highlight those in the beer and vice versa. Some types of beer underline the taste of the cheese and create a harmonious combination. In order to create a harmonious connection between beer and cheese, you should make sure that the character of the beer corresponds to that of the cheese.

Bar Amaris 50

In addition to the hop aromas, the aroma of the Amaris 50 is also characterized by fresh citrus and herbal aromas. In terms of taste, the beer is dominated by the flowery hop notes. This beer with cheese is a great choice. Cheeses like Hay flower cheese, Herbal cream cheese or Red mold cheese.

Samuel Adams Boston warehouse

The Boston Lager initially impresses with its malty body. In combination with the slight sweetness, the beer looks wonderfully balanced and impresses with its clear structure. Also clearly visible are toffee, honey and notes reminiscent of citrus fruit. Soft cheese, obatzda and goat cheese are suitable as companions.

BraufactuM Marzus

The high caramel malt content and the special mashing process ensure strong aromas in Marzus. In terms of taste, the Marzus is initially dry and is then underlaid with a long bitter tone. Cheeses like Hard cheese and mountain cheese are very suitable.

Schneider Weisse My Aventinus Barrique

As the name suggests, the Schneider Weisse Aventinus Barrique is a beer stored in barrique barrels. In terms of taste, the beer impresses with its very strong notes. These are reminiscent of dark berries, toffee and have a slightly nutty character. For a strong beer you also need a strong cheese such as Weißlacker, blue cheese and long-matured hard cheese.