Is the Kia Rio a reliable car

Kia Rio: long-term test

Engine / transmission damage0x150
Defective drive / functional parts0x50
Additional short workshop visit1 x 33
Additional workshop visit lasting several days0x50
Defects and special work (radio / sat nav / liquids etc.)0x20
Defective small parts (lamps etc.)3 x 13
Long-term quality (from dismantling)
Body (preservation, paint, carpets, cladding)0–53
Engine (power, leak tightness, deposits, tracks)0–51
Transmission (tightness, abrasion, condition, clutch)0–51
Exhaust system (condition, catalytic converter, suspension, shield plates)0–51
Chassis (axles, suspension, steering, mounting)0–50
Electrics (cables, plugs, control units, fuses)0–50
Everyday scoring / driving
Result from the entries in the logbook0–105
Total points17
Grade: 2-
0 points: 1+; 1–4 points: 1; 5–8 points: 1-; 9–12 points: 2+; 13–16 points: 2; 17–20 points: 2-; 21–24 points: 3+; 25–28 points: 3; 29–32 points: 3-; 33–36 points: 4+; 37-40 points: 4; 41–44 points: 4-; 45–48 points: 5+; 49–52 points: 5; 53–56 points: 5-; from 57 points: 6
Since spring 2014 AUTO BILD has changed its rating in the endurance test. We also grade wear and tear that did not result in failure, but that reflects the ravages of time. In the Rio, for example, the rattling glove compartment lid, the tattered floor mat on the passenger side or the coolant outlet on the compressor, which was obviously overfilled at the factory. Even the small rust on the exhaust does not cause any problems at the end of the test, but certainly later - and thus falls under the more stringent test scheme, which of course affects all cars equally. The Korean with the test grade 2 lost some of the gloss with which he started. Against such wear and tear, Kia supplies the best sedative - the seven-year guarantee. Stephan Puls, as a letter editor always close to everyday life, formulated the appropriate conclusion: "The Rio is a technically unexciting car in attractive packaging - perfect for anyone who is actually not interested in cars." Thank you for this perfect end.