How do I deal with a newcomer situation?

First of all, many thanks for the answers, good to know that there are also people without '' problem cases ''!

I also got the idea. The jump from 34PS to 163PS is of course enormous. I've already thought of throttling it to 98PS for about 1 year ...
I just want to tell you a little bit about myself to prevent false assumptions. (IMPORTANT: I ​​have no intention of showing off in any way!)

My life story:

When I was 17, I got a VT125 Shadow in October 2007, which I moved 30,000km in 10 months. (I started driving properly in winter, drum brake in the back, wet cobblestones etc. -> 1 accident: when it rains someone drives out of the parking space without looking )
About 6 months before my 18th birthday (i.e. 4 months after my 125 certificate) I completed my first driving lessons on a CBF600NA. I took more driving lessons than necessary because I just had fun driving, but I wasn't allowed to drive alone!
On my 18th birthday I bought a Hornet Bj.07, WITH ABS!
After such an idiot of motorists drove off the roadside to TURN, I drove him in with 60 things at a 90 ° angle. Result: total loss! At that time there were 22,000km on the clock.
About insurance new bike: Hornet with ABS Bj. 09
I had a slight rear-end collision with this one (my fault, it was stupid anyway)
At the beginning of 2010 I got my Hornet with me with 24,000km because the speed was too annoying for me.
New bike: CB1000R ABS after 17,000km of paint damage etc. Consequence: At the beginning of the month (July) a new CB1000R with ABS

With my Hornet (I don't know which one anymore ) I went through the entire ADAC safety training program: Basistr. Body door Curve no. and Bremstr. .

I have been fascinated by the K1200R since my 125cc years, and in mid-July the BMW branch got a very good used one, so I just had to hit it. I have now driven 3000km with her (she has 6500km in total)
Ascending trend!

Those were the facts ... Greetings Mazze