Why does India not respect Bhutan's sovereignty?

India sent troops to China in June and has since maintained its military presence in the Doklam area, an attack on Chinese sovereignty and a major risk to stability in the region.

Doklam is recognized by both India and the international community as part of the Tibet Autonomous Region and as a Chinese territory. If there is any unresolved border issue between China and Bhutan, it is a matter between these two countries and has nothing to do with India. China respects Bhutan as an independent sovereign state and resents India's attempts to turn it into a de facto protectorate.

As a regional superpower, India has a duty to behave more appropriately instead of recklessly invading neighboring countries on the basis of childish assumptions and foolhardy speculations - no matter how weak or strong they may be.

The bottom line of international justice is that no country can pursue its security at the expense of another country's sovereignty.

Despite China's demonstrably goodwill, India limits itself to fine words. His foreign minister, Sushma Swaraj, said India would "continue to work with China to resolve the dispute" and that "patience, control over comments and diplomacy can solve the problems".

The truth is that India has not only failed to withdraw its troops, but continues to make eccentric demands and not seek a solution.

At the end of July, more than 40 Indian border troops were still in China. India complains about China's new roads, but has built roads of its own and has gathered large numbers of armed personnel in the area.

There aren't many indications that India is seeking peace. If India is honest about peace, first of all, its troops should never have invaded China and should also immediately and unconditionally return to their own side of the border.

At best, India follows wishful thinking, namely that China will give way in the end. If the situation wasn't so serious, it would be laughable. China cannot "give in" because it is not wrong. It would be foolish and dangerous for China to allow India to assume that it could continue to undermine China's national interests.

The Indian side is mistaken in thinking that China is about to negotiate with invaders while its territorial integrity continues to be violated indefinitely.

So far, China's armed forces have shown extreme concession and restraint. But the restraint has limits and the thread of patience is getting shorter with each passing day.

India cannot underestimate China. The People's Liberation Army was built to secure peace and protect national sovereignty, security and development interests.

Ultimately, China will do whatever it takes to safeguard its interests.

India must not indulge itself in illusions and must avoid catastrophic consequences.