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  • "Good" (14 out of 18 points)

    “Travel cleverly! - predicate "

    3rd place out of 7

    Imprint: 1 of 1 point;
    Seal of approval and security: 1 of 2 points;
    Offer: 6 out of 8 points;
    Sample of travel offers: 2.5 out of 3 points;
    Presentation of the voucher rules: 1.5 out of 2 points;
    Special features: 2 out of 2 points.

  • "Satisfactory" (2.52)

    "Test winner"

    Place 1 of 5

    “Plus: a wide range of offers; Big savings.
    Minus: Too many restrictions when redeeming the vouchers. "

Customer opinions (95) about online voucher service

1.4 stars

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  • RIP OFF!

    • Disadvantage: Requests are ignored

    Paid 340 € and got nothing for it.

    My credit has been bagged by Groupon. I did NOT receive any benefit for this.

    Customer service infuriates me, interrupting the chat with the excuse that the internet connection has been lost. There is no phone number, no chance to talk to a manager.

    I only have legal steps left.

    Very annoying.

  • Customer service ... disaster

    • Disadvantage: bad customer service

    Have used Groupon a lot over the past few years. Customer service has been going downhill since Corona.

    If there are problems redeeming vouchers, the customer will not be helped. As a customer, you have to prove that the provider agrees to the reimbursement of the amount. Is impossible as a customer if there is already a communication problem with the seller. There is no way in. Lost money and given it away to Groupon. This is also how you can make money. Makes a nice sum for Groupon if you have a lot of small amounts. One can only hope that the employees will get something from the Christmas bonus ...

    Customer service is different!

  • Customer service not met

    • Disadvantage: Inquiries are ignored, clueless service chat
    • Suitable for: People who know their way around and don't need advice, bargain hunters, anyone who doesn't want to sign a contract, people who like to shop online

    I am a long-time customer of Groupon and I am "actually" satisfied. If it weren't for this unsatisfied customer service.
    Ordered a jewelry set in May. Waited for this for weeks. I wanted to contact Groupon. And what did it say? Please be patient, the shipping may be delayed because of Covid 19 ... well, I thought to myself, I'll wait ... and wait ... I kept writing an email (with a request that the answer to my new e -Mail is to be sent. That is the next problem that Groupon never gets to the series. My old e-mail address has been inactive for years and I can no longer change the Groupon customer account. What was the answer ... then you have to delete the account and create a new one .. aja .. and my purchases and Co.) continue with the topic of jewelry .... I never got an agent in the live chat. If you don't get one in the live chat, you can trick it. If you buy a deal, but you have to pay one step BEFORE you pay, it says "live chat" below;) so I finally got a chat agent ... 23.11 .. over 5 months after the purchase !!! I described the whole thing. And what answer did I get ?! I'm sorry we can't help him because the cancellation period has expired and we can't do anything for you .... seriously ??? I couldn't cancel or complain about the purchase ... because you are waiting for the goods! Logical .. AND it says because of Covid 19, the shipping may be delayed. What can you do in that case? So wait ...
    Now I asked the agent to give me details of the seller in order to contact him. It said ... We have no data from the seller. How stupid are they selling us for? I'm so mad What do we pay shipping for. Where is the shipping confirmation. You can see that nothing has been sent / accepted.
    Rip off and just a "sorry" but your money is gone, thank you !!!
    Groupon collects so much commission and rips off the entrepreneurs. Have well-known entrepreneurs who were happy to have ended their contract with Groupon. Also, a masseuse I was treating only told me negative things about Groupon. But many are dependent on this. UNFORTUNATELY!!!
    Now you ask why I am still a customer. Quite simply, I want to support the small and unknown entrepreneurs & Co. I stayed as a loyal customer in many deals. So you can also find many shops / stores and co. discover, try, visit. "Thanks" Groupon. I've only been disappointed once ... of 100 times.
    Now in the coronavirus time, I particularly support. I'm also happy that the entrepreneurs are at least so "known" and can earn "something". But Groupon needs to work properly on its customer service. I cannot rate a single deal because the email address I used to create my customer account cannot be changed. GREAT .. and with today's system.
    I would be a satisfied customer only if it weren't for these 3 things. Customer goodwill not fulfilled.

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