What makes the Supernatural show unique

Reveal Supernatural secret: That's why the series still exists

Sam and Dean Winchester continue to hunt monsters as their adventures have been extended for a 15th season. The two cast members of Sam and Dean's parents have now revealed why the series is still alive.

Warning, spoilers for Supernatural: Currently, fans are eagerly anticipating the big 300th episode of Supernatural, in which it becomes one Family reunion comes. We also have even more reason to be happy, after all, the long-running fantasy was recently released by The CW extended together with nine other series. What makes Supernatural's long-term success? Why was the series recently extended for a 15th season? The cast of Mary and John Winchester - Sam and Dean's parents - give it away.

The secret of Supernatural's success is family

Supernatural was originally designed by series creator Eric Kripke for only 5 seasons and after the big apocalyptic showdown it should be over. That is why it has been speculated for almost 10 years how and when Supernatural ends. But as we know, the series is still a huge hit, which, according to Winchester mom actress Samantha Smith, is mainly due to that Family theme can be traced back to, which was always particularly in focus:

A lot of shows say, 'Oh, it's a family, it feels like family, and everyone loves each other. The difference to this series is (...) that Supernatural really does it takes it to a new level and there are multiple families within the family (...). So there are Fandom family and the Actor family (...) and Crew family, and that's what got them to this point.
Supernatural: The Winchester family reunites with Mama Mary and Papa John in episode 300

The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who returns for the 300th episode next week as Sam and Dean's father, John Winchester, joins in. He lifts the family relationship of the fans for the series with whom the Supernatural makers created a very special one "Relationship and Honesty" to have.

In addition, the spin-offs do not work

Furthermore, in a deadline interview, The CW boss Mark Pedowitz spoke about the subject of future spin-offs. With Bloodlines and last Wayward Sisters There were already two Supernatural spin-offs in the works, but none of them got the green light for a full season. At least Pedowitz does not want to write off future spin-offs entirely. Still it looks bad, because according to him, Supernatural stands and falls with Sam and Dean:

I'll say it again, if there was a spin-off I'd love to have it. Indeed I have come to the conclusion that the series are the two brothers. If I can find a way to make Supernatural run all the time and still hold its own and the studio can figure out how to do it, we're all in.
Supernatural: Wayward Sisters

If the spin-offs don't work, then the mother series will have to be kept alive for many years to come. The station The CW will not give up the strong and reliable brand anytime soon.

In Germany you can currently join Sky ticket Watch the entire 13th season of Supernatural, while the US is already running the 14th season. On February 7th, 2019 the 300th episode with Jeffrey Dean Morgan's return will air on The CW.

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