Is call recording important for businesses

Capture session history through call recordings in the Dynamics 365 Remote Assist mobile app

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By recording calls, technicians can extensively document the video calls they make with remote workers in the Dynamics 365 Remote Assist mobile app. It is particularly important for companies to record the individual incidents on a daily basis. Often these records are kept on paper or otherwise in text form. By capturing and tracking Dynamics 365 Remote Assist video sessions, operations managers, technicians, and decision makers can use call recordings to:

  • Notes and information for Rework
  • Verificationthat maintenance and repairs have been carried out correctly
  • Training documents for employees

The function is only for Individual calls or group calls available with the Dynamics 365 Remote Assist mobile app. After the call recording has ended, it will automatically be in Microsoft Stream uploaded. All call participants can then access the recording via text chat in the Dynamics 365 Remote Assist mobile app or Microsoft Teams chat. The user of the Dynamics 365 Remote Assist mobile app who started the recording can also see it in their Microsoft Stream video folder.

The following table explains which call party can initiate call recording with a Dynamics 365 Remote Assist mobile user for each type of call:

At a ...Can users of the Dynamics 365 Remote Assist mobile app record calls?Can Dynamics 365 Remote Assist for HoloLens users record calls?Can Teams desktop app users record calls?Can users of the Teams mobile app record calls?
Individual callYesYesYesYes
Group callYesYesYesN / A calling scenario is not currently supported


  1. To the Start After recording, the technician selects the record button.

  1. The technician will be notified of Microsoft's privacy policy via notification. Then call recording begins. The notification can be closed.

  1. Throughout the call, the technician can use the Call record indicator see in the text chat that the recording is in progress.

  1. The technician can record the recording at any time using the record button stop. Both call participants then receive a notification that the call recording is available in Microsoft Stream. The notification can be closed at any time. Once the recording has been uploaded to Microsoft Stream, both participants can use the Text chat of the Dynamics 365 Remote Assist mobile app, the Microsoft Teams text chat or in Microsoft Stream video folder access it.