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Do you work a lot with people? Do you often accompany or supervise them over a longer period of time? Some of these contacts are difficult? Then a healthy balance between self-opening and self-delimitation is particularly important.

In order to get along well with each other in the long term, a balanced relationship between healthy distance and necessary closeness is helpful. In this seminar you will learn how to deal with and deal with this area of ‚Äč‚Äčtension. You learn that the practical demarcation via physical factors is just as important in different situations as the inner, psychological demarcation. Because that protects against excessive demands and exhaustion. After all, work should remain work and not burden your private life.

  • What is closeness and distance?
  • Your own perception
  • Who comes too close?
  • Who is difficult to reach?
  • What makes some contacts difficult?
    • Abusive behavior
    • "Limitless" people
    • Endure emotional suffering
  • Distance yourself and get involved
  • Situational factors and your own body language
    • Shaping encounters
    • End conversations without a guilty conscience
    • Clear body signals
  • Psychological factors in setting limits
  • Protect yourself
  • Leave work at work


Study Institute Westphalia-Lippe
Silke Brandt

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