What's your favorite food myth

The Rautenperle Community Q&A # 5 - The Answers

Good morning,

As usual, I have collected your questions and (hopefully) answered them to your satisfaction. A quick note first: Since this is a community Q&A, I have not answered any questions about HSV. Scholle answers such questions - as last - in a separate Q&A. So please don't be surprised if I haven't answered your question. This is not meant badly, it is simply due to the format.

@Felix frog:

When can personalized registration be expected and how could this be implemented?

We are currently still planning to revise the registration. It is not yet certain whether we will have a personalized registration on the Rautenperle without exception. It is possible that an anonymous login will still be possible, but will be associated with limited functions. In any case, we will of course handle personal data in accordance with the GDPR.


I think it would be good if you could give a "Like" and a "Dislike" to responses to comments, similar to Facebook, without always having to write "I am full of your opinion" etc. pp ..

You can express approval by marking a comment as “Worth reading”. We currently do not consider a dislike rating to be useful.


Hello Kevin, what's your favorite food?

The Mythos plate while enjoying Greece 😉


Two questions: 1 - Why were / are questions about HSV not answered with you, but with Scholle in the last Q&A? 2 - I think it would be very useful if the morning podcast were also published on Spotify. Is there anything planned in this regard?

I have put a few sentences in front of this blog on the first question.

We think that's great too! Spotify is one of the largest portals for podcasts. Unfortunately, they don't make it easy for podcasters because they work with partners who charge (a lot) money for this. Since we would not use any of the services of these partners apart from Spotify availability (hosting, RSS export, etc.), we will not be available on Spotify for the time being. But of course we keep our eyes and ears open for other possibilities.


Is the ToGo coffee mug available for sale anywhere? Is the cup made of porcelain or something similar or is it such an environmentally damaging cup? What about articles from Rautenperle.com in general (polo shirt)?

The mug is only available as a PSD file, because it is only a photo montage. If you feel like wearing Rautenperle merchandise, then you can definitely do something there. Feel free to give us a short feedback on what you think about merchandise (shirts, polos, coffee mugs, caps, etc.).

@Alex II:

Are your programs actually broadcast live or recorded by Rautenperle.tv? Is it possible to let the audience know in advance?

As well ... as. Depending on whether our guests have time to watch the broadcast live at 8:00 p.m. or whether we have to record the broadcast beforehand. We have a graphic on the social media channels and here in the blog that provides information about the current guest. If the program is broadcast live, you will find a green bar on this graphic that says "live". If this is missing, it is a recording.


Why can't we better filter out the so-called travelers, who sometimes abuse the posters badly. I'm slowly losing the urge to post a comment because I'm guaranteed to be followed by another bad insult. You can safely do without these sick souls. The travelers too.

We can do without these people. However, we don't want to build a wall here or let anyone in. Everyone should have the chance to participate and become a part of this community. In my opinion, the situation has definitely improved in the last few weeks. But of course we are looking to do more in this regard to make your stay here as pleasant as possible.

So much for the answers to your questions. By the way, the next Q&A will take place again in two months.

Best regards

Your Kevin