How is mechanical engineering at Ahsanullah University

Founded in 1846 as Dhaka Survey School. Became Ahsanullah Engineering College as a Faculty of Engineering under the University of Dhaka 1947. Became East Pakistan Engineering University 1962 and acquired present title and status 1971. A State Institution.

Financing: Public

grades 3

Master’s degree, doctoral degree, bachelor’s degree or equivalent

languages 1


Departments 11
  • Research center for biomedical engineering

    Subjects: Biomedical Engineering

  • Center for Energy Studies

    Subjects: power engineering

  • Center for environmental management

    Subjects: environmental engineering

  • Department of Architecture and Planning

    Subjects: architecture and planning, regional planning, urban planning

  • Corresponding technology institute

    Subjects: Technology

  • Institute for Information and Communication Technology

    Subjects: information technology, computer science

  • Institute for Water and Flood Management

    Subjects: water science, water management, safety engineering

  • Admission details: Secondary school certificate (SSC) and higher secondary certificate (HSC) or foreign equivalent. Major with Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and admission test