What is the penalty for drunk driving

Drink driving: sanctions according to the catalog of fines

Drunk driving: what is the penalty?

Offense: Drinking or drug drivingFine (€)PointsDriving banIs it worth an objection?
Driving with a
Blood alcohol concentration of 0.5 - 1.09%
500,-21 monthcheck here
- when entering a previous alcohol violation1.000,-23 monthscheck here
- when entering two previous alcohol violations1.500,-23 monthscheck here
Driving with a blood alcohol concentration of 1.1 ‰ and more ("absolute inability to drive") will be punished as a criminal offense *Imprisonment or a fine3variescheck here
0 - ‰ rule not adhered to as a novice driver250,-1-check here
* Under certain circumstances, these consequences can already threaten from 0.3 ‰ ("relative inability to drive").

Overview of special topics related to alcohol in road traffic

Fine calculator: drink driving and the consequences

The drunk driving is one of the most expensive and most dangerous offenses in traffic. Therefore, if you are caught drinking and driving, you will have to use one high fines, points and a driving ban calculate. You can either see how high the sanctions are in the table above or you can use our fine calculator to calculate it here.

If you want to find out how much per mille you could have after alcoholic beverages, you can have it calculated with our per mille calculator.

In a nutshell: drink driving

What are the alcohol limits in Germany?

In Germany, drivers must adhere to an alcohol limit of 0.5 per mille. This corresponds to a breath alcohol concentration of 0.25 mg / l. During the probationary period and under the age of 21, there is even a zero alcohol limit. There is a blood alcohol limit of 1.6 for cyclists.

What sanctions do you face if you are caught drinking and driving?

When driving a car with a blood alcohol level between 0.5 and 1.09, the consequences are a fine between 500 and 1,500 euros, two points in Flensburg and a one to three month driving ban. From 1.1 per thousand it is a criminal offense, which can be followed by a fine or imprisonment. This possibility already exists at a value of 0.3 per mille if you drive abnormally or cause an accident.

What should novice drivers expect when they are drunk?

Anyone caught under the age of 21 or during their probationary period with drink-driving (less than 0.5 per mille) will face a fine of 250 euros and one point. During the probationary period, this is also viewed as an A violation, whereupon there is an extension of the probationary period from two to a total of four years as well as the arrangement of participation in an advanced seminar.

Drunk Driving - Accidents under the influence of alcohol can often have serious consequences

On many Events and Celebrations, but also in everyday life It is hard to imagine life without alcoholic beverages. As long as alcohol is consumed in small quantities, it should not pose any fundamental health risks. However, can Drunk driving in traffic severe consequences to have.

This fact is also taken into account in the 2021 catalog of fines. Driving under the influence of alcohol is subject to the high risk of danger according to the current traffic law punished with high fines and the award of points. In addition, the driver's license can be withdrawn because of drink driving.

According to the statistics “Development of accidents on German roads in 2017” from the Federal Statistical Office, it comes personal injuries are particularly common in accidents under the influence of alcohol. Throughout 2017 231 people died in alcohol accidents, 4,531 were seriously injured. Be accordingly Drunk driving offenses according to the current table of finesseverely punished.

Alcohol while driving: what effects does it have on the body?

To understand the dangers of drink driving, it is important to consider its effects on the body. The speed with which alcohol is absorbed into the blood depends on various factors.

Just on an empty stomach and when drinking quickly comes the Alcohol gets into the blood faster. It should be noted that the highest blood alcohol concentration usually onlyafter one hour occurs and it is so easy for a person to go crazy about drinking alcohol.

The Strength and the scope of the Effect of alcohol depend on the human body gender, the Age and other individual differences from. Nonetheless, there are general effects alcohol can have that make driving under the influence of alcohol dangerous:

  • Slower responsiveness
  • Effects on emotional and physical well-being
  • Reduced attention and visual performance (up to so-called tunnel vision)
  • Increased willingness to take risks

As an example, it is longer in a person with a blood alcohol level of 0.8 per mil compared to a person who is sober the response time by up to twice. So drunk driving quickly becomes a life-threatening danger.

Alcohol test: how can the blood alcohol level be determined?

Around Proof of drinking and driving, the police lead one Alcohol test by. To do this, the alcohol content in the breath is first measured. This is done by using a breath alcohol measuring device. If the values ​​indicate a high alcohol concentration, a blood sample is ordered in the next step, which gives an exact blood alcohol value.

Danger! The police can do that Taking a blood sample even without a judicial order arrange if the driver has made himself suspicious of an alcohol-related traffic offense.

Blood alcohol limit for the car in Germany

Because Drink driving a high risk to road traffic represents, the "Alcohol Fines Catalog" of 2021 provided for a correspondingly high fine, points and, under certain circumstances, the withdrawal of the driver's license.

To Accident prevention does the legislature have one certain alcohol limit set. The per mille indicates the ratio of pure alcohol to body fluid, i.e. it shows the alcohol content in the blood. As the most important guidelines apply:

  • 0.0 per mille: in the Probationary period and in front the Completion of the 21st year of life
  • up to 0.5 per mille: for drivers outside of the probationary period and after reaching the age of 21

According to the alcohol limits in traffic law, alcoholic driving is assessed as follows:

  • up to 0.5 per mille: in principle no administrative offense (exception: there is failure or an accident)
  • 0.5 to 1.09 per mille: Administrative offense
  • from 1.1 per mille: Offense
  • From 1.6 per mille: Offense and order of the medical-psychological examination (MPU)

However, these apply Alcohol limits for drink driving as general guidelines. If there is alcohol-related failure or an accident, more severe penalties can be the result.

In the following we will show you the most important regulations on the alcohol limit in terms of cars and the legal consequences of drunk driving. The fine calculator can also calculate the fine for you after selecting the relevant violation according to the fine catalog of the current road traffic regulations (StVO).

Drink driving during the probationary period and for drivers under the age of 21

For Novice driverswho are new to their driving license, and for all road users, the not yet reached the age of 21 have, appliesan absolute ban on alcohol at the wheel.

This regulation has existed since August 1, 2007 and is intended for more safety in road traffic to care. Because the group of young drivers in particular is at risk of causing an accident anyway.

If a young driver is caught in the car with alcohol at the wheel (up to 0.49 per thousand), he will see Catalog of fines for this is as follows in front:

  • Fine of 250 euros and one Point in Flensburg
  • If the probationary period is in progress: Order from a special person Advanced seminar and extension of the probationary period by two years

Penalty for drinking and driving: From 0.3 per mille in the event of driving uncertainty

If the road user is caught driving a car under the influence of alcohol, there is a risk of various threats according to the new "alcohol fines" of 2021 Fines - starting from 250 euros, over 500 euros, 1000 euros and up to 1500 euros, points and possibly the Driving license withdrawal because of drink driving.

The following applies in generalthat up to one Per mille value of 0.5 Driving under the influence of alcohol is not an administrative offense. However, in the event of "alcohol-related failure symptoms" or an accident, the A alcohol range of 0.3 is considered a criminal offense. In addition to the driving ban, the consequences here can be a heavy fine or imprisonment.

From 0.5 to 1.09 per mille: According to the catalog of fines, an administrative offense

Drunk driving is considered an administrative offense in the range of 0.5 to 1.09 per thousand. But onlyif there are no signs of failure are. Here, the penalty according to the catalog of fines is based on how often the driver has already become suspicious of drinking and driving.

  • 1 time: 500 euros fine, two points and a one-month driving ban
  • 2 times: 1000 euros fine, two points and a two-month driving ban
  • 3 times: 1500 euros fine, two points and a three-month driving ban

Driving under the influence of alcohol from 1.1 per thousand

Will the 1.1 alcohol limit exceeded, in any case there is oneabsolute inability to drive in front. This is a criminal offense. In this case, the following penalties can be expected for drink driving:

  • variable fine
  • three Points in Flensburg,
  • one Driving license withdrawal because of alcohol (Embargo from 6 months to 5 years or permanently) and
  • possibly one Imprisonment (up to 5 years).

These penalties, which are provided for in the catalog of fines, also apply if the The blood alcohol limit of 0.5 was not exceeded, but it is unfit to drive exists or an accident occurred.

Drunk driving with 1.6 per thousand or more: Order of an MPU

He knows Alcohol test at least 1.6 per mille after, so will an MPU for drinking and driving arranged. These assesses fitness to drive of the driver in the face of "Risk of repetition".

At the end of the respective blocking period, it is therefore checked again whether the driver is suitable for driving a car. In order to get your driving license back quickly, you should take care of it in good time. To do this, you should three months before the expiry of the blocking period one Request at the driving license authorities to get your Get your driver's license again.

But also before exceeding the 1.6 blood alcohol limit the authority can give a MPU arrange. In fact:

  • at "Repeat offenders" (from 0.5 per mille)
  • at Alcohol addiction or Alcohol abuse

Alcohol ride as a cyclist

Cyclists it is generally allowed to travel with a blood alcohol level of up to 1.59. However, it is equivalent to the motor vehicle drivers that an administrative offense may have already occurred in the event of behavior that is conspicuous in terms of traffic. The absolute limit of driving inability to drive is the 1.6 alcohol limit.

Furthermore, according to the new catalog of fines, cyclists who are in possession of a driver's license are also threateneda driver's license revocation. For example, 3 points are awarded for a criminal offense, a fine is issued and an MPU is ordered. If the latter is not completed, there is a risk of driver's license being withdrawn.

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Drink driving: sanctions according to the catalog of fines
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