What does a multimeter look like

Carry out a continuity test

Do you want to check if two electrically connected points also actually connected, so you need to do a continuity test. The continuity test is very useful for checking the wiring of a system or connections on a soldered circuit board.

  • Is there a passage from point A to B, so sounds from your multimeter a beep and it will be for you Resistance of passage displayed
  • A Value below 210 Ω, show you one good passage at

You should know these symbols on your digital multimeter

This is how you check for continuity with your multimeter

1. Switch on the system or circuit board to be tested Tension-free.
2. Connect the black test lead with the COM socket your multimeter and the red test lead with the VΩ jack.
3. Place the Rotary switch onContinuity test.

(Symbol on the multimeter)

4. Hold the two test leads at the points to be tested. It doesn't matter how you hold them up.

If you no beep hear or OL displayed is then the checked one line interrupted.

Always make sure you have a Continuity testCarry out tension-free.