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THEME:Woke up from a coma after 19 years

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Angelica the discussion started on July 10th, 2003 (10:11 am) with the following post:

After 19 years on June 12, 2003 a coma patient in Arkansas suddenly woke up again. His first word was `` mom '', the mother of 39-year-old Terry Wallis reported in an interview on CNN. Then the words `` Pepsi '' and `` Milk '' should have followed, meanwhile he can speak fluently again and is fully conscious. He first saw his daughter, who was born shortly after his accident. Now he wants to do everything possible to learn to walk again. The young man had an accident in his car in 1984.
Doesn't that give reason to think twice about "assisted suicide in coma patients" after all? What do you all mean ...

mechtild answered on 07/10/03 (23:23):

If a patient is attached to various devices, I think it is problematic to simply switch them off. Who should you give permission for? Doctors have to save lives. It is not your responsibility to judge whether a life is worth living or not.
Everyone can only decide for themselves whether they want to be connected to life-support devices or not. An old person will certainly make a different decision than a young person. What perspective does a 60 year old or even older person have when they wake up from a coma after 19 years?

schorsch answered on 07/11/03 (08:31):

You can roughly imagine how a person would feel after being frozen for 1000 years in the hope of being brought back to life. I think the shock would be so great that the poor guy would be dead again ...

Collegiate child answered on 07/11/03 (08:49):

The frozen one wakes up at least in the youthful (?) State of freezing.
The coma patient ages in a coma as if he were conscious.

For a (very) old person, waking up from a coma after 20 years would be a drama.

Angelica answered on 07/11/03 (09:03):

Well, coma patients aren't just seniors ...
I am a bit surprised - apparently one is more in favor of turning off all machines when it comes to coma - but in another discussion it is vehemently discussed that all medical supplies, operating theaters, etc. must not be reduced, even for old people - just about that to make it clear: I am always in favor of active LIFE help in any case -
The fate of the young American has already touched me personally, perhaps because I was able to accompany a loved one on their way back to life after his accident - and that after he came back from a coma, which no one had expected.

Ursula J. replied on 07/11/03 (9:07 pm):

I don't want to be in a coma for 19 years, not even a year. If there is no change after two weeks, it should be switched off (for me). Even if it were about my son, whom I love very much, I wouldn't want him to be in a coma for years.

juttam answered on 07/12/03 (07:07):

Yes pen child
Terri woke up as a 20 year old in one
40-year-old body.

Ronald Reagan IS his President, he never has anything
Heard from Bill Gates or a computer.
A cell phone is what he's seen on TV
got into science fiction films!

The big hit of the month in the car
Radio had at the time of the accident was "ghost busters".

He never heard of a fax.

He doesn't know what a CD is or what the internet is! ...
..Or a digital camera!

He has never heard of Concord and never thinks about it
it is impossible in 4 hours from one continent
to come to the other.

He has no idea that the wall in Berlin / Germany fell ... and that
the world is much smaller than it was 20 years ago!

He doesn't know about September 11th or about
get the golf, he has no idea about the years
which his daughter spent growing up ...

.. At the end of the day, he also has the "best" years of the
Man's overslept.

Now he's a "medieval man" in worse
physical condition, with the thinking of the
20 years old who had an accident.

How could I cry for this man and how
I very much hope that he can put all of this down to one common denominator
and ultimately still be able to live!

schorsch answered on 07/12/03 (11:24):

This patient will make up for his information deficit faster than, for example, a jungle Indian who suddenly finds himself at the mercy of modern civilization. But what he cannot do is find his lost years .....

Johanna answered on 07/13/03 (8:57 pm):

Our daughter was in a coma for almost 2 weeks. We drove 150 minutes to the clinic every day to be able to see them there for 5 minutes. The way home took the same amount of time. The thought of switching off the machines would never have occurred to us. Today she is a happy adult with an adult son and enjoys life.

dutchweepee answered on 07/17/03 (02:04):

ANGELICA ... i saw the pictures of this "helpless worm". the fact that he could say "mom, pepsi, milk ... and RONALD REAGAN" does not testify to future quality of life.

he is still in a coma and will never again be a self-determined person. sometimes it seems better to me to press the switch. i have instructed all of my friends in this regard and will also expressly require it in my (not yet written) will.

i don't want to wake up sometime in 20 years and have to answer the question about the american president GEORGE W. BUSH!

juttam answered on 07/17/03 (05:31):

Apart from the "Bush" joke, Dutch,
that's how I see it too!

Gudrun answered on 07/17/03 (07:11):

Hello, Dutch ..

If a related will is really important to you, the written down should be deposited as soon as possible and not at some point - notarized - with the family doctor and the next of kin as well as with your own ID cards, which you should (should have) with you at all times.
and don't forget to renew the date and signature every year!

Mart answered on 07/17/03 (11:07 am):

With will you mean a living will, which with your personal. Papers is kept. A real will is only opened after death.

This living will (also available on the Internet) is not absolutely legally valid, i.e. doctors do not necessarily have to adhere to it (at least in Germany and Austria) - but it is a decision-making aid for them.

However, it is extremely important to re-sign this every year. Some time ago there was a lawsuit in Germany that was initiated by some of the relatives of a deceased person. The doctors were convicted - the main reason: The signature of the living will was a few years old and it was therefore not assumed to be certain that it also complied with the patient's current wishes.
This precedent is well known among doctors, which makes them even more cautious.

The wishes should be set out in great detail in the living will.

Bernd answered on 08/03/03 (05:28):

I think it's pretty awesome to wake up after 19 years and have to find out that you are an old (?) man.
and that all the people you know have changed, that you have moved away from them.
you come out of the clinic, into an apartment you don't know and to people you only have memories of over 19 years.

in that case I would not have wanted my plug to be pulled out.
because what would remain for me would be hope.