Why do theists believe that God hates homosexuals?

Intimidation - Evangelical Christians attack journalists

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There are still fears in Germany for the lives of the hostages in Yemen. At the same time, however, a debate has broken out about Christian aid missions and missionary work. When proselytizing one always thinks of the past times when white-clad people wanted to convert small children in Africa. But there are still fundamental Christians, including many in Germany. 1.3 million people are considered to be evangelicals, including a large number of young people. And there are more and more. Not least because Christian fundamentalists have discovered the effects of the media and are using them for themselves. But woe to you if you criticize them - then they can become quite unchristian.

(Image detail Christival in Bremen): "What does Jesus mean to you, what does God mean to you, what is your image of God?" Tens of thousands celebrate the Christival in Bremen last summer. Singing and dancing together, completely harmless. Behind it stands the Evangelical Alliance, a special group of Christians. Radical views are not uncommon here. (Image detail, Radio Bremen on May 2nd, 2008): Reporter's question: "Do you find homosexuality pathological?" Answer: "Uh, yes, actually, in a certain way." Next answer: "I believe that God created man and woman, you can see that it fits together. Man and man do not go together. ”Confused words in the name of God and so the media are interested in the Christival and the so-called Evangelicals. A school newspaper also reports. Hannes Grosch, school newspaper author: “I dealt with the Christival because my school was directly affected, on the one hand, because people stayed here, but also because there were two workshops that I see quite critically. Namely the workshop on the curability of homosexuality and a workshop on whether or not abortion can be allowed at all. "

Evangelicals like to convert

Homosexuality and demons, evangelicals like to convert - also in self-produced programs. (Window to Sunday, "Bibel TV" 2009): "And the Christians prayed and little by little I was freed from 7 demons." (Hof mit Himmel, Gospel Broadcasting 2008): "Give way to illness and give way to all evil and everything dark and get out of these bodies and all ailments are instantly healed. ”In programs like this, they spread their faith unhindered as a panacea. Hannes, on the other hand, takes a critical look at the evangelicals in the school newspaper Q-Rage. He describes the means by which they massively spread their faith - like missionaries. He calls your beliefs intolerant. He quotes critics with the worldview of the day before yesterday. And he describes their ultra-conservative ideologies in his article: wanting to cure homosexuals and demonizing abortion. Hannes Grosch, school newspaper author: “It is of course written provocatively. But we are students, we wrote for a school newspaper, we can also write provocatively and also directly write what is on our minds, what strikes us. ”Evangelicals also notice the article. They protest en masse in their magazines and on internet forums. "Christians ugh, Muslims hui"

Christians attack journalists

Among other things, they resist being compared to fundamentalists by the school newspaper. Hannes Grosch, school newspaper author: “It all started on my birthday when evangelical magazines published an article by first of all presenting this article as defamatory and heretical. Then there were blog entries, forum entries, where you could find my photos and email addresses and phone numbers. "

Hannes experiences a hunt on the Internet that he would not have thought possible. Apparently harmless believers are aggressive. Quote from blog entry: "I would love to go to the editorial office, I'm boiling with rage." Quote from blog entry: "And here you can politely blow the march to the young journalists". The Evangelical Alliance does not moderate its aggressive supporters.

Wolfgang Baake, German Evangelical Alliance: “The students were not pilloried. Rather, we have pointed out that in the magazine quite deliberately, not only by the students, but above all also by the accompanying co-authors, that false statements about evangelicals were deliberately made here. But I can't understand that someone was pilloried here. ”Reporter's question:“ The students have received death threats. ”Wolfgang Baake, German Evangelical Alliance:“ I don't know about that. ”But Hannes received anonymous calls and e-mails like this: "The day will come when you will all hang out, you treason." Hannes Grosch, school newspaper author: "An e-mail that I remember very well, it said that I really had to take care what I say, because I am anti-Christian and that is dangerous. I was scared, you could say that. It made me feel threatened. ”Not only does the student come under pressure, but also Thomas Krüger. The director of the Federal Agency for Civic Education is co-editor of the newspaper, he had praised the article in an accompanying letter. (Detail of the article: www.idea.de, only available as a subscription). Evangelicals also target him. Thomas Krüger, Director of the “Federal Agency for Civic Education”: “I was relatively surprised that a very harsh tone was displayed in this area of ​​the evangelical scene, not only by the institutions' statements, but also by many individual, committed, affected evangelicals is (...) that went as far as death threats, these weren't individual emails, but a higher three-digit amount of emails that came to us within a short time. "Wolfgang Baake, German Evangelical Alliance:" I have his Demands to resign, but I haven't made any death threats against him. But I criticized him massively. ”Massive criticism. (Image detail: article from the magazine "Idea Spektrum".)

Intimidation attempts

Politicians and lobbyists are now also criticizing Krüger. Until it collapses and distances itself from the article. Thomas Krüger, Director of the “Federal Agency for Civic Education”: “I have seldom seen such organized printing via the Internet or newspapers about political gangs as in this context, that must be said. I was seldom so surprised that the liberal public did not take it seriously at all. "Uwe Birnstein, publicist and theologian:" As soon as criticism is voiced, a journalist can be sure that there will be umpteen e-mails and letters to superiors, directors and editors-in-chief . As a journalist you have to justify yourself. I see that as a tactic of intimidation. ”Oda Lambrecht also experienced intimidation attempts. She brought out a book on evangelicals. Oda Lambrecht, author of “Mission Gottesreich”: “For example, the umbrella organization of evangelicals, the evangelical alliance, issued a statement insinuating that we had demanded a ban on being evangelical or a ban on evangelical media, which of course we do did not do in our book. "Question reporter:" So do you interpret that in? Wolfgang Baake, German Evangelical Alliance: "No, that is not an interpretation, it is, it is definitely not there, but when you read the context of the text , can they feel it that way, or can they understand it that way. "And if it goes against feelings, the critics are portrayed and worn down as atheists. Quote blog entry:" Yes, that's how they are, the God-deniers. "Oda Lambrecht, author" Mission Kingdom of God ":" In addition, we have received a lot of letters and emails from people who have not read our book at all, who said across the board that the book is bad t and then simply copied text modules from an official statement by the evangelical association and sent them to us, sometimes very aggressively. ”And how evangelicals mobilize their followers, they like to spread on television.

Image detail, "Bibel TV": "We also encourage our circle of friends to thank the radio stations when something comes up in the media. But even if something happens that we cannot reconcile with the Christian faith. Then we encourage our people to write a letter to the audience or to make a phone call to say: people, this far and no further. We help our people through our magazine, so that we publish the addresses, for example, and show people how to do something like that. ”How to do something like that - how he subtly tries to intimidate journalists, he gives a taste of it in the Zapp interview. Wolfgang Baake, German Evangelical Alliance: “If I have something to complain about with Norddeutscher Rundfunk or ARD, I write to the director. If, in my opinion, the director does not react accordingly, I have the right to call on the Broadcasting Council and then the Broadcasting Council will deal with my complaint. ”That’s exactly how it is. On the other hand, belief can be spread in one's own media and self-produced programs, guaranteed without complaints. Excerpt from "Bible TV", conference of Christian leaders, panel discussion on March 28, 2009: "When we go public and say we want to change society." Change society and perhaps the Christian faith is just a pretext. Uwe Birnstein, publicist and theologian: “The Evangelical Alliance already has a lot of money. You can see how modern and well-equipped media it is (...) this group, these fundamentalists, this is a lobby group. They may not be so much concerned with faith as they are with political power. In order to enforce political power, you need a large army of people and influence in the media, but also in politics. "

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