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The ointment maker

When sixteen-year-old Olivera tricked her father into marrying her to one of his trading partners, she had no idea what the consequences would be. She soon says goodbye to home and sets off with her husband on a long journey to distant Tübingen. Once there, she not only meets the distrust of the locals, her loved one also seems to be changing more and more. It doesn't take long for Olivera to find out that he is keeping a terrible secret. Your discovery not only puts your life in extreme danger ...

HistosArzneien, historical novel, Constantinople, thriller, Middle Ages, medieval healing, reliquary trade, ointment makers, Tübingen

The kingdom of the devil prince

Principality of Wallachia, 1456. Eight years have passed since Vlad Draculea had to leave his lover Zehra von Katzenstein behind in Wallachia. In a monastery in the Carpathian Mountains, the young woman and Vlad's son Carol are waiting for the expellee to return. But Vlad must first recapture his throne, which one of his bitterest enemies has wrested from him. Meanwhile in Ulm, Zehra's brother Utz von Katzenstein is driven out of the house by the coldness of his wife. He goes on a trade trip to Transylvania. There his paths soon cross with those of the Wallachian ruler. A fateful incident occurs that changes the lives of everyone involved forever.

Awarded the Golden HOMER 2015


Historical novel, Katzenstein, Middle Ages, Ottoman Empire, Piles, Sultan Mehmed, Ulm, Vlad Draculea, Wallachia, Voivode

The devil prince

The year is 1447. The eve of the conquest of Constantinople has dawned in Eastern Europe. Only separated from its greatest enemy - the Kingdom of Hungary - by the tiny principality of Wallachia, the Ottoman sultan repeatedly breaks through the fortifications on the Danube and increasingly penetrates hostile territory. Wallachia is a vassal state, but the voivodes there cannot be relied on - despite the fact that two of his sons, 11-year-old Radu and 16-year-old Vlad Draculea, are in Turkish captivity. While the father of the two princes has to fight not only against excessive demands of the sultan, but also against the intrigues of his Hungarian neighbors, the young Vlad Draculea goes through hell at the Sultan's court in Edirne. Chastised over and over again for his stubborn behavior, he is trained in the art of Turkish warfare by merciless armourers, while he passes out and watches as the sensual Ottoman prince Mehmed chases after his younger brother. Every day he spends as the sultan's hostage furthers his hatred and he dreams of one day being able to escape from captivity. While Vlad Draculea swears vengeance in Edirne at court, the life of fourteen-year-old Zehra von Katzenstein collapses in Ulm when her father is found dead in his bed one morning. An investigation reveals that he was poisoned, and before she can understand what happened, Zehra finds herself in court. False witnesses swear she was to blame for her father's death, and she will be banished from her hometown forever. Destitute, desperate and without protection, she has to flee from the dangers that lurk outside the city gates. Her escape takes her to Hungary, shaken by the chaos of war, where she soon has to make a momentous decision.

Awarded the Golden HOMER 2014

Historical novel, Katzenstein, Middle Ages, Ottoman Empire, Sultan, Ulm, exile, Vlad Draculea, Wallachia, Gypsies

Daughters of the lagoon

Venedig anno 1570. The daughters of the wealthy Venetian Senator Brabantio, Desdemona and Angelina, lead a carefree life. But the family's happiness is put to a severe test when Desdemona falls madly in love with General Moro, who is many years older and is not a pure Venetian. Since the father's consent to a marriage with the impetuous stranger is unthinkable, the young woman decides to flee with her lover. After a secret wedding, they want to embark for Cyprus, where Moro is supposed to put the Ottoman attackers to flight. But before they can leave Venice, they will be betrayed. Because Moro has an enemy who follows him every step of the way to settle an old score. The young Elissa di Morelli also grows up well protected in the Venetian upper class. She accepted her father's suggestion to accompany him and his wife on a trade trip to Rome with enthusiasm. She can finally get to know the world outside of the lagoon city. But the dream quickly turns into a nightmare, as the Morellis ship is hijacked by pirates. As a harem lady at the court of Sultan Selim II, Elissa has to bow to the cruel will of the mighty ruler. Escape seems hopeless.

Awarded the bronze HOMER 2014

Histosjealousy, harem, historical novel, intrigue, Constantinople, war, love, Othello, Renaissance, Shakespeare, Sultan, Venice, Cyprus

Swords and roses

England 1189. While all of Europe is preparing for the third crusade, the young squire Harold of Huntingdon enters the service of the power-hungry and unscrupulous Earl of Essex. More than once, Harold has to fear for his life. He only finds consolation in his secret passion for the lady-in-waiting Catherine de Ferrers, the beautiful daughter of the Earl of Derby. But before he can confess his love to her, he has to follow the English King Richard the Lionheart on the crusade. On the way to the east, the English army meets German and French allies. The closer the crusaders get to the Holy City, the bloody and hopeless the fighting becomes. A reunion with Catherine therefore seems more than uncertain ...

HistosBarbarossa, England, historical novel, lady-in-waiting, Jerusalem, squire, crusade, love, middle ages, Nathan the Wise, Richard the Lionheart, Robin Hood, Saladin, Knights Templar