Was the Roman Coliseum a brothel?

Prostitution in ancient Rome

Prostitution already existed among the Romans

But yes. The practice of prostitution was unpunished in ancient times. Most prostitutes were slaves who were forced to do so by their masters or they were freed and strangers. Free-born Roman women had to register a trade with the authorities. But here, too, there was no shortage of whores or suitors.

The social acceptance of prostitution and the clear rules that demarcated the infamia area from the bourgeois world even encouraged the tax authorities to tax the sale of the body as a trade.


In the year 40 Caligula introduced a prostitute tax on the amount of the "profit from one sexual intercourse per day". Prostitution was normal in everyday Roman life. It was also quite affordable to stop by a whore. Even slaves could afford this. Of course there were also “noble whores”, so-called courtesans. Most of them would rather be rewarded with gifts than accept money. There were no regular opening times for brothels.

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