Why is CBD more expensive than THC

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Why you pay almost twice as much for hemp in Germany as in the Netherlands.

The German Hemp Association naturally finds the judgment of the administrative court in Cologne good. In a comment on the verdict, the association said: "With their verdict, the judges make it clear that three of the plaintiffs have exhausted all treatment alternatives and have taken appropriate precautions for growing cannabis in their own homes Pharmaceuticals and medical devices to reject such applications, even more. "

We talk to Chairman Georg Wurth about why cannabis is so expensive in Germany. A patient who is allowed to take cannabis for pain or to relieve cramps pays around 900 euros a month for consumption of two grams a day. With the neighbors in the Netherlands, the same amount would only cost half as much.

Georg Wurth explains this with the fact that cannabis is not allowed to be grown in Germany. Because there are even more middlemen - between the Netherlands and German pharmacies, hemp is around twice as expensive here. In addition, the amount would be kept extra small.

Georg Wurth is a lobbyist and activist. He is the managing director and owner of the German Hemp Association, the largest organization of the hemp movement in Germany.