How do gifted people get their motivation

Scanner personalities: the curse of being gifted

From an early age we are taught that we need to specialize. The school system, society - they all encourage one person to care for a cause decides and then consistently pursued this path. Especially people with crooked professional biographies get to feel this again and again: As soon as the résumé deviates too much from the desired position, this raises questions. So-called Scanner personalities suffer especially from these compulsions. They are very talented, and the diversity of their interests, hobbies and skills is correspondingly impressive. For these people it is a torture to have to decide - what should I become? Unfortunately, this is exactly what is required of us at the latest when we finish school. Does that sound familiar to you?

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Scanner Personalities: Flickering, Fickle, Fickle?

The term scanner personality was coined by the American author and coach Barbara Sher. In her work she mainly deals with people who have difficulties in the Goal setting and have motivation.

Scanner personalities are often perceived as volatile, fickle, and inconsistent because of these difficulties.

You don't feel that way yourself, they are Categorizationsthat are brought to these people from the outside. Because those around you don't understand how someone can be so different. Scanner personalities are Giftedwho feel comfortable in many areas.

These Gifted are bubbling over with ideas and are interested in a range that others find suspicious. You have 1,000 things running around and don't get bogged down. Your day seems to have 36 or even 48 hours. But this Channel knowledge and being able to cut to one spot is sometimes the crux for them.

Typical behavior for a scanner: He started something over and done it for a year or two and has now understood. He was absolutely good at it too, did this job internalized, but that's enough now. A scanner gets bored easily.

And now he just needs new ones Challenges. That can also be a completely different matter. Experts like to compare scanners with butterflies or colorful zebras: Everything is fine as long as it is not monotonous becomes.

And that doesn't just apply to hobbies, but also to work.

Scanner personalities: gifted in the dress of versatility

Scanner personalities are a variant of giftedness. You are suitable Know very quickly but then quickly lose interest. You…

  • tend to be less in their interests depth, rather than in the width to go.
  • to have 1,000 ideasthat they would like to put into practice right away - be it learning the piano, writing a book, attending a sewing class at the same time, devouring scientific treatises on physics, trying out new recipes or building a house.
  • avoid a specializationbecause it seems boring and restrictive to them.
  • feel extremely under print Set and stressed out when making decisions about a specific area and are supposed to focus solely on them.
  • keep trying new things, but don't always finish them. It is more important for them to be busy and that Thirst for knowledge to pursue.
  • are in thought often preoccupied with their interests and therefore sometimes seem absent.

All-rounder or general dilettante?

The problem: society has a different one Expectation. This scanner behavior is probably more effective for outsiders chaoticas if someone got bogged down. The expectations are also reflected in sayings such as Once you have started, you have to finish it contrary. For people who like theirs profession who specialize in one thing, the behavior of scanner personalities seems like an aimless wandering.

The counterpart to the scanner personality is that Diver, which literally dives into a field of knowledge. He is devoted to this topic and everything that is somehow related to it.

This does not mean that a diver cannot have other hobbies, but they will never be the same intensity captivate like his chosen subject.

The common accusation with scanners is that something that was ended so quickly or apparently canceled, not learned properly may have been. In doing so, scanners deal with one topic at a time and delve into it until they get to it penetrate. Only then, scanners do not want to deal with these areas for the next 20 years, but rather turn to a new, exciting topic. So scanners are by no means fickle.

Still, scanners are often faced with the question: How do I find my way? My real job? Most of the time, career counselors try to get people looking for advice on the right track with internships. Scanner personalities have the bottom line often several trainingsbut are not happy with it. What for establishwhen there is still so much new out there waiting for you?

Approaches to finding a job: accepting diversity

How do you find your right job? Pole yourself to something that is simply not your temperament has never been a good idea. It is best to do something that is as diverse as your own interests. Specializations are great for those who want their knowledge in a field deepen want.

But in view of today's disruptions, it is not necessarily up-to-date: people have very colorful career biographies, try things out or take a sabbatical, for example. Scanners could find what they are looking for in these areas:

  • Generalistic courses

    Ideal for younger generations. For example, media design with computers, with visualization, with language, with art, with graphics. In contrast, there are courses such as law, for example.

  • Creative areas

    For example, acting. A scanner can always reinvent itself in new roles. Likewise, journalist or filmmaker.

  • Part time jobs

    Unfortunately, the job market offers few generalist jobs in the salaried area. Therefore, one possibility may be that you do one job part-time and then the other. Another option would be to let off steam in hobbies after work.

  • Advisory activity

    Professions in which you advise others and come into different situations, such as coach, teacher or pastor. This is exciting for scanners because they have to deal with other people, other biographies and resistances.

Scanner Personalities: Self-Esteem and Self-Doubt

The dilemma is already becoming apparent here. In the past Polymath like Goethe, Aristotle and Da Vinci something else. Nowadays, however, in a high-tech world, everything is pushing for specialization. That is, people with versatile talents and interests are viewed with suspicion. Conversely, scanner personalities also feel like non-experts.

Often this is because they feel their Areas of knowledge didn't have to work hard. Others have fought for the knowledge; scanners practically got it because they simply pursued their curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Further problems arise from these comparative observations.

Let's assume the following situation: A colleague has been working hard on a project for weeks and does and does, but does not make any progress. And then comes the scanner personality, takes a look at it and hits it solution before - this happens to scanners more often. This leads to the widespread thinking in scanners: That can't be worth anything because I didn't try, I didn't have to work hard for it.

Often times, scanners are even surprised when you Suggestion works. These people feel like Impostorwho cannot acknowledge anything they have achieved in their life, but take it for granted.

The Fatal is the thought: Only when blood, sweat and tears have been invested, only the effort makes the work something valuable. Conversely, scanners are often referred to as self-doubt and lack of self-esteem plagued. Situations like the one just described have another facet: the person who has just come up with the solution does not make himself particularly popular with his colleague.

Anyone who has experienced something like this more often in their life will try to disguise their talents in order to prevent them from being bullied, ostracized or, at best, looked at from a strange angle. Because people strive for recognition and that one belongs to the group is one of the most important factors of recognition.

Are you perhaps a scanner personality too?

If you find yourself in the course of the article recognized then you could also belong to this type of person. Of course, this overview cannot replace an intelligence test or extensive coaching or even psychological counseling.

However there is Signs for being a scanner personality when you ...

  • already had an insatiable thirst for knowledge as a child.
  • can usually acquire knowledge quickly and autodidactically.
  • think very reflective and self-critical, at the same time are very empathetic.
  • are absolutely enthusiastic about new topics and then pursue them intensively.
  • but you might as well drop such new projects if you get bored with them.
  • Feel bored in people who are not so versatile.
  • can motivate and inspire other people very well.
  • To pursue projects from very different areas such as baking, technology, psychology, dance and the like and that has always been the case.
  • avoid making clear decisions and sticking to them.
  • Perceive yourself as very individual, maybe even strange, above all as unconventional.
  • Do not particularly value hierarchies and authorities, but often question them.
  • prefer to work alone than in a team.

What you can do as a scanner personality

There are three useful pointsto help you when you're always full of ideas and don't know where to start first.

  1. Don't limit yourself.

    Accept your diversity, accept your accomplishments. And learn to appreciate them because it's not just luck - your thirst for knowledge contributed to it. Tell yourself: happiness is with the able.

  2. Write down your projects.

    To do this, you create a project book in which you enter every wild idea. So no idea can be lost. And: Even if it turns out to be a huge blow in its original version, it may still be suitable for another, new project.

  3. Schedule your time.

    Time management is not necessarily one of your strengths, but you can get a grip on that by getting a calendar and recording your projects. And who knows - if you are passionate about drawing, then maybe a bullet journal would be just the thing for you? There you can really let off steam creatively.

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