What is the shortest novel by Ernest Hemingway

About short stories and rain clouds

Probably the shortest short story in the world comes from the short story master Ernest Hemingway:

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

And story-writing this week at the University of Rijeka. I gave a creative writing workshop there.

But first of all, I asked myself whether I would even meet students:

Orphaned hallways due to Covid ...

In the classroom, however, four German students were waiting for me, to whom I spent two hours using terms like plot, Main character or Setting mumbled through my mask. You kindly did not chase me away, but listened carefully.

And also get homework: namely to write a short story by the time we see you again in November - longer than Hemingway, but no longer than five pages.

Fittingly, the sky outside the window showed very clearly what every story basically needs - some kind of conflict.

In that case: will the blue sky be able to hold its own against the rain cloud?

Irish writer John Banville once put it quite nicely:

In a novel there is always a character who looks at the stars and kicks dog shit in the process.

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