Betting is the same as gambling

Stock trading, trading, gambling and betting - how similar is it all?

Those who want to invest in value developments and consequently trade, are often referred to as gamblers by those around them. The same applies to those people who want to try their luck at slot machines or at tables with roulette, blackjack, poker and the like. Then there are those who like to bet - although this is almost a good form with regard to the lottery and football. Nevertheless: All areas are viewed as similar by outsiders. That leads to the questions: How much gambling is there in investing? And aren't you just betting on the stock market?

The difference between betting and gambling

In a bet you usually bet on the outcome or the result of an event. Whether horse racing, soccer match or presidential election: there are always determining factors that you can put to the side of your gut feeling before making a bet. In the end you are more or less sure and make your suggestion. Even in classic games of chance (roulette, poker, blackjack and the like) you think that this or that event will occur and bet on it. However, there is little evidence. All outcomes, every number in roulette and every card in blackjack, come with the same probability each time. With good knowledge, bets are therefore more lucrative.

The complete loss of control: lottery and slot machines

However, you are completely at the mercy of chance with the lottery and slot machines. In theory, roulette can also be included in this group; However, there is at least the possibility of spreading the risk and by means of the so-called "kettle look" still a theoretically effective profit strategy. Contrary to this knowledge, slot machines are becoming more and more popular online - admittedly, they have very high payout percentages and all classics from amusement arcades and pubs have long been available online. If you want to play Book of Ra online with real money, you can do so on at least three different "online casino" sites, for example.

So what about the investments? Is trading equal to gambling?

For investments, for trading, for binary options and everything else of this kind, you need a little bit of change as well as a lot of knowledge. That is why trading in values ​​can best be equated with betting. Since you can also advance with knowledge and strategies in blackjack or poker, a marginal comparison is also possible here. In general, however, one can say as a conclusion about the comparison: Trading does not come without risk and is not dissimilar to betting. In addition, one should not hope to be able to compensate for a financial deficit through trading in values. It's a lot like hoping for the all-changing lottery win.

Comparison point addiction: Trading is largely left out

In the search for information and with the ambition to act, one or the other can get lost for a short time. A real addiction is hardly possible. This is due to the amount of information and the knowledge that you have to build up and renew every day. As with slots, you cannot run the risk of losing yourself in the individual game rounds, because you always only have to press a button or click a button. Gambling addiction is therefore a bigger problem than trading, which is basically hardly a problem. However, at least online casinos are making efforts to identify users' gambling addiction at an early stage and to take action against it. Many trading platforms also have some similar auxiliary mechanisms.



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