What is the future of iPhone apps

IPhone users will have to pay so much more in the future

By Thomas Porwol | April 28, 2017, 10:16 am

Apple is increasing prices in the App Store: Over the next few weeks, iPhone owners will have to be prepared to pay more for apps.

iPhone owners will have to be prepared for higher prices in the Apple App Store in the future: According to the technology blog "Caschys Blog", Apple has informed the app developers via email that prices in the European App Store will rise within the next week . Apple justifies this step with the development of the exchange rate between the euro and the dollar.

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That is the new pricing structure

Apple lists the new price levels of the apps in a PDF document: Applications that previously cost 99 cents will in future jump over the 1 euro mark and cost 1.09 euros. A price increase of ten cents.

However: the higher the price level, the greater the price jump. For apps that previously cost 1.99 euros, the price rises by 20 cents and customers will have to pay 2.29 euros from next week. The complete new price structure can be seen in this PDF. The new rule also affects in-app purchases.

Existing subscriptions not affected

But there is good news: Existing subscriptions are not affected by the price increase - even if these subscriptions are automatically renewed, the previous prices remain.

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