How many hours without sleep are dangerous

Lack of sleep is not only uncomfortable, it can also have health consequences. Even getting an hour or two less sleep for a few days in a row can result in slower reaction times, mood swings, and a higher risk of illness. The more nights you spend completely without sleep, the more serious the consequences. The online magazine healthline took a closer look at this topic - we'll tell you what came out of it!

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This is what happens to your body when you don't get enough sleep

After a day

If you do not get any sleep for 24 hours, you must expect your concentration and performance to be impaired. At this point you should refrain from driving a car. Mood swings, constant tremors, and difficulty seeing or hearing can also occur.

After a day and a half

After 36 hours without sleep, you can already feel a significant change in your health. Your body is under enormous stress at this point. Chills, loss of appetite and difficulty finding words are particularly common during this phase. Your body's uptake of oxygen can also decrease if you stay awake for this long.

After two days

After 48 hours of no sleep, you begin to feel completely disoriented. This is when you find it particularly difficult to remember things. Your risk of getting sick also increases because your immune system can no longer work properly. Often after two days without sleep, what is known as microsleep occurs, in which one loses consciousness for a few moments.

After three days

After three days without sleep, you will find it increasingly difficult to focus on conversations, work, or even your own thoughts. Not only do you suffer from extreme exhaustion, your heart beats much faster than usual. Depression, anxiety, or paranoia can also occur.

After more than three days

More than three days without sleep is dangerous. The side effects listed so far worsen many times over. At some point the brain also begins to no longer function properly, which can lead to organ failure - and in rare cases even death.

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