What is the most economical electric car

Economical electric vehicles - e-cars with little power consumption

On this page you will find a list of the most economical electric vehicles sorted according to their power consumption. The consumption values ​​were determined with the help of the entered data of the Spritmonitor.de users. Please note that only representative entries are used for the calculation. The values ​​in brackets after the model name indicate the number of vehicles that contributed to the consumption calculation.

modelkWh / 100km
1Peugeot iOn (22)13,9
2Hyundai IONIQ (150)14,2
3Renault Twingo (12)14,4
4Mitsubishi i-MiEV (21)14,5
5Citroen Saxo (11)14,5
6Citroen C-Zero (22)14,8
7Volkswagen Up! (81)14,8
8Volkswagen Golf (150)15,2
9Fiat 500 (16)15,4
10BMW i3 (134)15,6
11Nissan Leaf (110)15,6
12Skoda Citigo (40)15,9
13Mini Mini Cooper SE (17)16,0
14Seat Mii (12)16,1
15Smart Fortwo (70)16,1
16Hyundai Kona (120)16,2
17Opel Ampera (21)16,5
18Renault ZOE (328)16,5
19Smart Forfour (21)16,6
20Kia Soul (37)16,8
21Kia Niro (70)17,3
22Opel Corsa (33)18,9
23Tesla Motors Model 3 (207)18,9
24Peugeot 208 (19)20,5
25Tesla Motors Model S (103)20,7
26Volkswagen ID.3 (44)20,8
27Mazda MX-30 (12)21,4
28Mercedes-Benz B-Class (12)21,8
29Audi e-tron (13)25,7

Are you interested in the power consumption of a vehicle model that is not listed here? You can also use the search function to find consumption values ​​for other models.