What do chains symbolize

Dream interpretation chain

Roughly forged from iron or wrapped around the neck from fine, gold-plated links - the chain is a very ambivalent object. It can be jewelry or a burden, a status symbol or a fetter. It is not uncommon for these meanings to overlap, because high office or great wealth can restrict one's freedom of movement as well as adverse living conditions or restrictive relationships.

We feel sorry for a chain dog because it cannot move freely, but only as far as its chain extends. It is not for nothing that chain keeping is now prohibited. On the other hand, a chain dog can also remind you of a sheltered yard, a safe house. At the same time, a chain can be used as an aid for a drive, for example the bicycle chain or the chain on a Kettcar or car engine.

A chain can therefore represent a shackle, connection, drive and movement or also protection. How do these different properties of the chain affect its meaning as a dream symbol? Read more about this in the following text:

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Dream symbol "chain" - the general interpretation

In the interpretation of dreams, the function of the chain initially plays a role. Have you dreamed of a necklace or an ankle bracelet? Or did you see a chain that connected handcuffs together?

Chains often indicate with their interlocking links communication and Relationships down. This is especially true for necklaces. They symbolize belonging, either to an institution (especially if it is a chain of office) or to other people.

If you wear a necklace in a dream, you are probably preoccupied with your relationship life. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the dream, a necklace can both relate to the secure feeling of security with another person, as well Narrowed Clues.

Break the chain, stand Disputes or a separation ahead. If you tear the necklace yourself, you will break a bond that is uncomfortable for you. While necklaces made of pearls or dark stones traditionally represent bad times, red stones or corals symbolize being in love or Love happiness.

If, on the other hand, you have not dreamed of a necklace but of a heavy iron chain, you can use it for a tie or a burden stand. Do you see a close person in chains in a dream? Then you will probably feel restricted by this and would like more distance.

If you wear the chains yourself, you may be carrying your legacy past with himself around. Iron shackles are also an indication of difficult times, and the clink of chains is interpreted as a warning sign in old dream books.

If you break the chain, you'll prove it Strengthto face difficulties and steer your life path in a more positive direction.

Further possible interpretations are:

  • Lead someone on a chain: the dreaming feels elevated above an enemy
  • unlocking a chain: one will probably soon make a discovery
  • see a gold chain: wealth
  • receive a gold chain as a gift: someone is faithfully connected to the dreaming
  • a necklace with a carnelian pendant: one will cope well with a tiresome task
  • a necklace with jasper: success and happiness are waiting for the dreamer
  • Flower chain: happiness and / or a wedding are imminent
  • a rosary chain: one should be prepared for a troubled time
  • golden arm or anklet: stands for the happiness of love or being in love
  • Wear heavy chains on your feet: professional life or friendship stagnates
  • being tied with a chain or tied to a chain: not all goals can be achieved.

If your dream was a chain that drives a device, then your own energy is currently being transferred well to one development or a project. For example, if a person from the dream action steps hard on the bicycle pedals and makes rapid progress, the inner strength is just as stable. However, if a vehicle stops because an important chain in drive technology has broken, everyday obstacles seem insurmountable. The involuntary stop in the dream admonishes to Rest in life to recharge your batteries.

Dream symbol "chain" - the psychological interpretation

Anyone who is tied up in a dream and wears heavy chains can understand this as a hint from the subconscious: something complained and burdened You. You may not (yet) admit this burden to yourself or you may not want to communicate it to those around you. Then it is time to look at what binds you. These can be suppressed feelings or events from your past, but also stressful people or values ​​and norms to which you feel subject.

Recognizing what is currently hindering you in life is the prerequisite for freeing yourself from this burden. A breaking of the chains in the dream symbolizes this liberation.

On the other hand, a chain, with its massive, comforting heaviness, can also be used for the desire for security and positive bondage. A bond, be it professional, to a place or to a person, can convey security. If we lack support, we can quickly feel lost and unstable.

Necklaces can psychologically stand for belonging or being in love, as well as for a load that hangs around the neck of the dreaming like a millstone. Giving away a necklace suggests jealousy and property claims against the person concerned.

Dream symbol "chain" - the spiritual interpretation

The chain is also a very ambivalent dream symbol in a spiritual sense. It means both Bondage or Bondage (for example, to material things or to old ideas that have to be overcome) as well as Would and unit. Her limbs connect two opposites or two people with each other, she can also be the connection between sky and earth, symbolize between man and the divine.