The Birdbox is a scary movie

Movies Like Bird Box: 9 Captivating Alternatives to the Netflix Thriller

Bird box continues its success on Netflix undeterred. Reason enough to look around for other alternatives that trigger the same fascination as the end-of-time thriller. So take off your bandage and watch your film choice!

I see something you don't see and that's rich and doesn't stop grinning. We're talking about the Netflix executive suite, which - given the numbers, theBird boxwrites - must feel a real high of happiness.

The post-apocalyptic thriller with a touch of family drama and one used to sovereign Sandra Bullock currently hits the nerve of numerous film fans. No wonder that you want more. After seeing you recently the surprising ending of Bird box explainedthis time we present 9 exciting alternatives that swim in the same direction as the Netflix film. Have fun exploring!

A Quiet Place: When the world falls silent

Who about Bird box speaks, mostly mentions the horror thriller in the same breath A quiet place. And the comparison is no coincidence either. Finally, both films follow one similar premise: If you use one of your senses, you are dead. Are it in Bird box the eyes, which should remain closed, are allowedEmily Blunt and John Krasinski in A quiet place Don't make a sound to survive.

Unlike the Netflix hit, the threat is in A quiet place however visible and comes in the form of such dangerous as well as ugly monsters therefore. The fact that the horror factor is in the high measuring range is mainly due to the excellent background noise. The uncomfortable silence serves as a highly effective stylistic device and proves: silence is really gold.

The Happening: The Herbarium Strikes Back

Also between M. Night Shyamalans The happening and Bird box there are obvious parallels. Both films play with the unknown and offer disturbing mass suicide scenes. Fans of such mysterious basic moods are at The happening in pretty good hands.

Who can come to terms with that Mark Wahlberg probably the most unreliable biology teacher in film history surrenders, that comes with an exciting thriller and a honorable eco-message rewarded. The danger in the film comes from the Flora which avenges itself for the environmentally damaging behavior of the people. The conclusion: Be nice to your yucca palm and have a look The happening at!

Please also read our explanation for the twist-rich end of the thriller.

It Comes at Night: Pandemic and Paranoia

In the horror genre, good things are never rolled into one Hut in the woods happens. There is also It comes at night no exception. A family of four lives in it, secluded in said dwelling and holed up so as not to fall victim to a virus that already has one Most of humanity wiped out Has.

It comes naturally as it has to come. Strangers appear who disrupt the apocalypse idyll tremendously and arouse great panic in the process. It won't be long before the Situation escalates and it becomes clear that everyone is next to himself.

Just like in Bird box The focus here is less on the danger itself, but on how to deal with it. And that's just as well:It comes at night is a Rousing character study with goose bumps guarantee.

War of the Worlds: Steven Spielberg lets hell loose

Less subtle, but with impressive action directs DirectorSteven Spielberg in War of the worlds its very own apocalypse. The Attack of aliens takes place here just as suddenly and unexpectedly as the ensuing chaos in Bird box. As a glorious hero, Scientology beam man is allowed Tom Cruise appear, which is not here, as usual in Mission: Impossible, indulged in his stunt madness.

Run, fight and shoot is in War of the worlds still not too little. Spielberg leaves the viewer practically no breathing space and once again proved with the film that he is the Man for alien invasions and spectacular blockbusters is. Nearly 600 million US dollars and three Oscar nominations were the reward.

Tom Cruise runs for his life in War of the Worlds | © Paramount Pictures

The Road: fatherly love in times of the end of the world

It's really tough on what you put in The Road gets to see. The adaptation of the novel is not stingy gloomy and depressing imagesthat can hardly be put into words. Viggo Mortensen plays a man who devotedly cares for his son in a desolate and devastated world. The two move through one of America marked by violence and hungerlooking for refuge, food and hope.

The touching father-son relationship is at the heart of this end-time drama and thus assigns similarities Bird box in which the family is also a crucial essence of the story. The Road echoes for a long time, makes you thoughtful and shunted Acting and staging on top level. But be careful: absolutely useless as a nice Sunday afternoon feel-good film for in between!

Cargo: Nobody hears you suffer in the outback

The Australian horror drama is in the same direction Cargo. The role of the tragic hero takes over hereSherlock-Star Martin Freeman, the IndianAustralian wilderness populated by zombies has to protect his little daughter from herself. Andy played by him was infected and only has 48 hours of timeto get little Rosie to a safe place before he turns into an undead.

Cargo waived - as well Bird box - largely on blood and splatter effects, focuses instead on those Figures and their behavior. Interesting questions arise like: What would I do in this situation? Can it be something likeHumanity in the face of the end of the world give at all? There are no easy answers and that's exactly what Cargo makes it so worth seeing.

The fog: monster story with (un) happy ending

When Hollywood needs some material to film again, it is not uncommon for Stephen King knocked. The star author has already provided the template for numerous film and series productions and conjured up the short story in the 1980s The fog out of the hat that Director Frank Darabont Filmed in a congenial manner in 2007.

The residents of a US small town get it here hostile monsters to do, who hide in the fog of the title. A rather unsportsmanlike scam that has cost so many people their lives. The artist David (Thomas Jane) thinks that's really stupid and does everything to get himself and his son out of the danger zone. In doing so, however, the poor steers towards that nastiest film ending ever to.

Faint-hearted viewers should therefore rather - in the spirit of Bird box - keep your eyes closed.

You can find more great Stephen King films in our top 10 ranking of the best adaptations of the horror grandmaster.

The city of the blind: horror scenario as a metaphor

The monster in the novel The city of the blind here is the person himself. As gradually the inhabitants of an unnamed city suddenly go blind for some inexplicable reason, throws the place into chaos. To avoid an epidemic, those affected are in a Quarantine warehouse locked. There the moral and social decay its climax and brings the inmates (including Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo) to their limits.

The city of the blind puts the viewer in a permanent state of shock, because that What is seen is difficult to digest. In addition, the filmic parable shows that the cloak of civilization is actually very loose and we are only losing a sense of Hunger, disease, pillage and excesses of violence are away.

Pontypool: Speechlessness can save lives

The Buggles once sang Video Killed the Radio Star and would have to go to the movie Pontypool actually change their minds a bit. Death lurks in it in individual words of human language. When these are pronounced, becomes a deadly virus that turns the infected into a kind of zombies. At the center of the action, radio host Grant Mazzy (Stephen McHattie) tries desperately to warn the people of Pontypool.

The so original and crazy idea of the Canadian thriller director Bruce McDonald packed into a Chamber playthat as well from his excellent leading actor lives. Like the protagonists in Bird box, Mazzy is powerless to face the threat. But the last word is far from said for him ...

Screaming doesn't help: Stephen McHattie is in great danger as a radio presenter in Pontypool | © EuroVideo