Why does Eobard Thawne hate Barry

Reverse Flash (Eobard Thawne)

Reverse flash is an archenemy of the superhero Flash and his evil counterpart. He is the main villain in the first season of The Flash series and Barry Allen has a great personal interest in fighting him because he is responsible for both the death of Barry's mother and the prison sentence of Barry's father, who was mistaken for the murder of his Woman was convicted.


Childhood and adolescence

The reverse flash was used as Eobard Thawne born in the year 2151 and thus comes from a distant future. Little is known about his childhood and generally about his future time. He was obsessed with Flash and wanted to be like him. He spent years figuring out how Barry came to be. He adjusted everything and received the same powers as Flash. Eobard used his new powers to travel back in time and meet the Flash. In the course of these unspecified events, Eobard was named Reverse flash a bitter adversary of the Flash and one of its worst and most powerful archenemies. After the Flash was apparently able to thwart the plans of the Reverse Flash again and again, even if it never finally succeeded in eliminating its time-traveling adversary, a fervent and deep-seated hatred of the Flash began to develop in Eobard. So that the Reverse Flash, when it finally found out that Barry Allen is the Flash, decided to travel far back in time to kill Barry Allen as a child and thus finally put his adversary out of the way.

The murder of Nora Allen

Reverse Flash traveled back on the night of March 18, 2000 and set out to kill Barry. However, Flash also followed him into the past. They fought in the Allen family home and each took heavy hits. When 11 year old Barry walked into the room, Nora Allen was in the center of the action, surrounded by streaks of yellow and red flashes of light caused by the Flash's battle with Reverse Flash. 11-year-old Barry was able to briefly see the figure of a man in a yellow suit amid these lightning bolts and was then brought to safety by the Flash 20 blocks away from the house. Furious that the Flash had thwarted his plans one more time, Reverse Flash decided, if he did not succeed in eliminating his archenemy Flash, then at least ruin his life and traumatize Barry Allen and leave suffering. So he unceremoniously killed Barry's mother Nora Allen by stabbing her with a knife.

Caught in the past

When the Reverse Flash tried to travel back to its own time after killing Nora Allen, it found that it was unable to do so. After Gideon informed him that the cause was that he had lost his connection to the Speedforce because his strength had been exhausted from his recent time travel, the Reverse Flash realized that he was now stranded in the 21st century with no way to do it have to return home in his own time.

The murders of Tess Morgan and Harrison Wells

The Reverse Flash realized that his only way to get back to his own time was to have to wait for Barry to become Flash in the future and thus use the Speedforce to return home. Since the Flash did not yet exist, he decided to use his knowledge of the future to accelerate the development of the Flash. To this end, Eobard traveled to Starling City and watched Tess Morgan and Harrison Wells there. He knew the two scientists would do the S.T.A.R. Founding labs and putting the particle accelerator into operation in 2020, which would be responsible for the creation of the flash. In order to speed up the course of events and not have to wait so long, he decided to take Harrison Wells' place and to ensure that the particle accelerator is built earlier. As a result, the Reverse Flash laid barbed wire on the street at night, causing a car accident in which Tess Morgan died. Then he pulled the seriously injured Harrison Wells, who was pleading for help, out of the wrecked car and used a device from the future that would absorb Harrison Wells' DNA and thereby also kill Wells at the same time and then transfer the DNA to the reverse flash, which resulted that the old appearance of Eobard Thawne was completely erased and completely replaced by that of Harrison Wells, including the voice. The reverse flash buries the remains of the real Dr. Wells near the scene of the accident and completely takes the place and identity of when the police arrive at the scene of the accident Dr. Harrison Wells on or on.

Early life

Behind Reverse Flash is Eobard Thawne, who comes from the future and who transferred Harrison Well's appearance to himself with the help of a device from the future and killed him at the same time. Reverse Flash is also the killer of Barry Allen's mother, Nora Allen.

Season one

Barry Allen first meets Reverse Flash in Season 1The man in yellow.


He wears a yellow costume which is very similar to Flash's. He also has red, glowing eyes.


He claims to have met Barry Allen before, which suggests he is a time traveler.


Season one



"It's your destiny to lose to me, Flash. Just like it was your mother's destiny to die that night"

"It is your fate to be inferior to me Flash. Just like your mother's fate was to die that night"

"After I killed you, I'm going to kill them and then I'm going to kill your father I'm always win Flash"

"If you're dead, I'll kill the others too. And then your father. I always win, Flash"


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