What are your favorite rock bands

hi guys, ma want to know what your favorite rock bands are.

mine is Green Day

Rammstein .......................... rammstein ......... uh yes rammstein and .......Rammstein

^^^ and a few more but the 2 are my very favorite rock bands
Lordi sounds good too ...
1. Bon Jovi
2. Bon Jovi
3. Bon Jovi
and then nothing for a while ...
RAMMSTEIN nobody but also nobody can stink against Rammstein for me they are the best for me. there is nothing better than that
all on rammstein ^^^ (except me)

oh, crap 3-eyed .....
Back then I was a fan of The Rasmus and Green Day , now I like different rock music like z. B. from The Veronicas, Evanescence , etc.

QUOTE (Mr. Eierkuchen @ July 25th, 2006, 9:10 pm)

hi guys, ma want to know what your favorite rock bands are.

mine is Green Day


Mine are also Green Day
you repeat yourselves in the roughest
Tokio hotel not iiiiiiiiiiiiih but also lordi and Rammstein
as I said, grossly

here you have taste ^^
Höhöhö, you are absolutely right who wrote for green day, good decision
Rammstein ^^

(Even if I'm currently listening to Depeche Mode more, but in my opinion it's not a rock band )
The doctors

and of course Fat Toon
loooool, everything is repeated here
QUOTE (Mr Eierkuchen @ 07/26/2006, 10:09 am)

loooool, everything is repeated here

Especially you - I'll delete your comment in the future, that's spam!
tokio hotel ne fun
rammstein eminem green day G unit
oops sorry huh * shame *
my "good bands list" grows day by day ^^
not all of them are my favorite bands, but I like the ^^:

green day, simple plan, red hot chili peppers, panic! at the disco, anti-flag, skatoons, millencolin, foo fighters, the offspring, rammstein, the doctors, the dead pants, the welfare children, the clash, QL, punkrott, wizo, afi, the killers, the strokes, billy idol, my chemical romance, bloodhound gang, good charlotte, fall out boy, nirvana, revolverheld, juli, system of a down, maroon 5 (well more pop), ska-p, lovebugs, dada ante portas, depeche mode and of course blink-182 !!!

phew .... * sweat from stirne wisch *
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