How do I develop belief in karma

Captivating groups obviously meet the needs of certain groups of people. The closest explanation: Because people are guided by fears and longings.

And a second reason in the postscript: And because many people are very easy to influence.

And because the unconscious is a mysterious black box that has a much greater influence on us than we want to admit. We generally believe that we are spiritually strong, independent and self-determined. Often an overconfidence that sects skillfully exploit.

In a nutshell, as Freud already said, man is not the ruler of his soul.

And one more thing: captivating movements owe their missionary successes to the fact that many people are still very authoritarian. They let themselves be dazzled by “charismatic personalities”, loudmouths and their exaggerated promises. Often all it takes is the hint that a guru is enlightened or a preacher is led by God, and the authoritarian listeners freeze in awe.

In accepting groups one can hand over the whole responsibility in all areas of life. All decisions are made for you. And the decisions of the gurus, sect leaders, masters are above all doubt. And they supposedly also serve to achieve eternal life, to become immortal or enlightened. The supposedly perfect solution forever and ever. And sometimes there is also a lack of intelligence to recognize the obvious contradictions that are hidden behind the construct of sects.

What is decisive, however, is the longing for the ideal world and the paradisiacal conditions. The inability to come to terms with the often painful reality and to come to terms with it drives many people into the arms of totalitarian groups that promise absolute salvation. Behind it is often the escape from reality. It is no surprise then that free churches are the catch basin for many mentally distressed people.

In doing so, sects also skillfully use the wish and will of altruistic and enthusiastic people to make themselves useful and to want to work for higher goals. The connection of “humanitarian” with spiritual or religious intentions is very promising for them. The first serves this world, the second for eternity.

Cults also benefit from fear of freedom. Freedom is an ideal for many, but they do not realize that freedom is always fearful and has to be fought for again. Above all, freedom means enduring uncertainty. Because we don't really know what the meaning of life is and what will be after death.

Only religious communities know "sure" answers to such questions. And the “safer” the answer, the greater the risk that it is an engaging movement.

The theses are supported by experience. Most of the supporters of inclusive groups have fallen into the clutches of sects in a situation of uncertainty. In a life crisis, after the breakdown of a relationship, in the event of a serious illness, after the death of a loved one, etc. When they felt weak, they needed support. And believed the heralds of salvation that they could offer perfect solutions for all problems here and there.

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