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The US continues to support Jio with 5G technology

A few weeks ago we published an article entitled "Can Jio like Chinese companies become global dominance?" Written.

The answer to the somewhat rhetorical title seems to be a "yes" if there is anything to see in the United States.

The Donald Trump administration almost seems struggling to support Jio platforms, especially with their 5G technology projects. And then there is now a real feeling that Jio Platforms, which is also supported by Facebook, Google, Intel, Qualcomm and others, is taking the place of the now discredited Huawei.

The US State Department has listed Relio Jio as one of "clean telecommunications companies".

According to the US State Department, "Clean Network is a global effort by a coalition of like-minded countries and companies to protect their critical telecommunications, cloud, data analytics, mobile application, Internet of Things and 5G technologies from" malicious actors "by we only rely on trustworthy providers that are not subject to unfair or extrajudicial control by authoritarian governments such as the Chinese Communist Party. »

Some of the world's largest telecommunications companies are also becoming "cleaner telecommunications". Orange in France, Jio in India, Telstra in Australia, SK and KT in South Korea, NTT in Japan and O2 in the UK are refusing to do business with Chinese Communist Party's state surveillance tools such as Huawei, the Department of Condition. in a report

This, of course, is practically a repetition of what Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said almost a month ago.

The United States is forming a global opinion against Huawei

The tide is turning to reliable 5G providers and moving away from Huawei. The most important telecommunications companies in the world: Telefónica, Orange, Jio, Telstra and many more are becoming “Clean Telcos”. They refuse to do business with government CCP surveillance tools like Huawei. June 24, 2020

In addition to Pompeo and the State Department, a well-known cyber diplomat has urged global telecom operators to follow Jio's model.

“I think Reliance Jio's lesson is that 5G technology is nothing mystical. It has the same types of components as 4G technology; It just evolved to another level, ”said Robert. L Strayer, a well-known American cyber diplomat. as the IANS news agency says.

Strayer's statement is considered essential in the current scheme of things. He is the United States' Assistant Secretary of State for Cybersecurity and International Communications and Information Policy. Strayer leads the international development of cybersecurity, internet, data and privacy policies and negotiations with foreign governments for the United States.

Much of Strayer's work is to get allies and other countries on the US side to invest in non-Huawei devices and components for 5G networks.

Strayer reiterated the need to "migrate" untrusted providers to trusted providers.

“Our campaign is focused on the move to 5G, but we recognize that the existing 3G and 4G infrastructure will support the move to 5G. So we encourage governments and telecom operators to think about how to move east from unapproved providers to trusted providers, ”Strayer said.

America asks China

When unreliable and high-risk vendors like Huawei and ZTE are given access to a portion of 5G networks, critical systems are vulnerable to disruption, tampering and eavesdropping, while government information is compromised. sensitive and personal business.

Robert l strays

The United States is in no mood to give in to its pressure on Huawei and Chinese companies in general.

Strayer said that "the tide is turning against Huawei." The world is awakening to "the dangers of the state of surveillance and information suppression by the Chinese Communist Party," he added.

“When high-risk and untrustworthy providers like Huawei and ZTE can access part of the 5G networks, critical systems are vulnerable to interference, tampering and eavesdropping, while government information is compromised. sensitive and personal business, "said Strayer

"The consequences of the 5G deployment decisions that the government and telecom operators made over the next year will be felt for years, if not decades," said Strayer.

Strayer spoke about the Chinese zero-entry Jio model and presented the market opportunities for domestic production in India as a "global market" for components between antenna, base stations, backhaul and back-end servers. and managing the network itself.

Strayer's comments come the same day Mike Pompeo tore China apart again in London over "unreliable" IT vendors like Huawei and ZTE, "broken promises" and threats and intimidations against India.

As of April 29, 2020, the United States announced that it needed a so-called "clean path" for all 5G network traffic entering and exiting US diplomatic facilities.

Ball in the courtyard of Jio

(Photo credit: Jio (YouTube))

With the constant and vocal support from the US, Jio Platforms is expected to offer 5G technology. He made the right noises.

Mukesh Ambani, President of Reliance Industries, previously announced (at the company's 43rd Annual General Meeting) that Jio Platforms has designed and developed a complete 5G solution from the ground up and that the same solution will be ready for testing once the El 5G Spectrum will be available.

He said the 5G solution could be ready for field development next year.

Jio Platforms is also backed by great technologists like Google and Qualcomm (they have 5G experience). This should help you become a true immortal 5G gamer in the world.

Jio Platforms offers the capability of an end-to-end 5G solution. Ambani also said that once the 5G solution is launched in India, it can be bundled as a full managed service offering for other telecom operators in India and abroad.

If all goes well, Jio Platforms could be an exporter of 5G solutions in the years to come, eliminating the existing big ones like Huawei.

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