Why do rappers have ridiculous names?

German rap : It's good no one is listening closely

For some time now one has had the impression that the German music charts represent a parallel universe of their own, especially the top ten of the songs that are most sold, clicked and streamed each week, i.e. the single charts.

Even in circles that are not very far from pop music, who, let's say: buy the "Spex" (while they are still around) or the "Rolling Stone", who are on the road with "Pitchfork" or who obediently browse the latest Listening to publications on Spotify or Tidal, even in such circles you often come across heads shaking when names like Trettmann, Gringo, Bonez MC, Capital Bra or Raf Camora are mentioned. Never heard of it, it is said, although it is precisely these musicians, more precisely: these German rappers who come out with new songs week after week and thus immediately make it to the top positions.

Fine cream fish fillet? There are others in the charts

This week you will of course also find the titles played on all radio stations such as "Promises" by Calvin Harris and Sam Smith or "In My Mind" by Dynoro. Otherwise nothing else than German-language rap, from number one, on which Tretmann and a few others stand with their "standard", and have been for several weeks, up to number ten, on which the almost durable piece "500 PS" by Bonez MC ranked. In between, the Berlin rapper Capital Bra, who apparently writes lyrics and produces music day and night, with three titles, is how productive the young man is.

It is also interesting that in the last few weeks the left-wing punk rock band Feine Sahne Fischfilet with their emphatically anti-fascist move has caused horror in value-conservative to right-wing circles. But that the worldviews that are drawn in German rap are much more widespread in the country's schoolyards, without any value-conservative misgivings.

Small sample from Capital Bras "I love it": "Yes, I love my life, business is going smoothly / I love the smell of my blunt / I love how women move to the beat / I love it, in a Mercedes with 300 through the city. "

It's all about women, who are always available to the rappers, about money and status symbols such as high-powered cars or large-format watches, as flat and aggressive as possible, and the kids think it's great. No respite, number one hits are made. It's just a good thing that nobody listens closely, it's just a parallel world.

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