What is an SEO Framework

WordPress plugin in comparison: Yoast SEO vs. The SEO Framework

Anyone who has just recently set up a WordPress website or a Woocommerce online shop is sure to have to decide which SEO plugin to use for SEO optimization of their website. Today I am going to introduce you to 2 SEO plugins that one or the other has probably already dealt with.

The SEO Framework or rather the familiar Yoast SEO? I hope I can help you with my contribution in choosing a plugin that suits your needs.

WordPress plugins in general

WordPress is still one of the popular providers. While new modular homepages have been added over the years and the market has condensed, WordPress still manages to convince its users with its own variety of solutions. WordPress is not only used for blogs, but also for company pages, online shops, services and much more. WordPress maintains success with user-friendly settings. The popularity of WordPress is familiar to plugin providers. Therefore, they bring solutions for WordPress to the market. Two of these solutions are Yoast SEO and The SEO Framework.

Opinions often differ about the plugins. The choice can be a pain for inexperienced users. But what is the best way to approach the question? Is there a clear favorite or is it just a personal preference? This article aims to educate people.

  • What makes a good plugin?
  • What are the differences?
  • What functions do the plugins have?
  • What are the advantages of which plugins? S.

The answers to the numerous questions will follow in the following passages.

SEO - A book with more than three letters

Search engine optimization is versatile and always presents users with a new challenge. Many browsers are currently working with a semantic search and are driving the development towards artificial intelligence. Numerous providers no longer operate via the sparse input of key terms, but adapt themselves to the question-hungry needs of users. With long keyword entries (long tail), ads are now not only delivered according to keywords, but also based on the context that results from the user's search query.

Voice control in SEO - future or niche?

With voice control, a new trend has emerged that numerous providers are bowing to. The user wants simple input. He wants to be guided to the desired search results by his mere words. In order for the search results to be relevant, it is important to provide targeted answers.

"Where can I eat pizza?"

"Is there a shopping center near me?"

These are just two questions that most users will be familiar with. A search engine optimization of the website is necessary so that the corresponding restaurant can be found. When entering text, developments towards a semantic search can be seen. This is because users who have got used to voice input initially use text input in a similar way. In the meantime, formulated questions are being entered into the search window. The answer to the question is the job of the search engine

The plugins that make work easier have become correspondingly versatile. Yoast SEO and The SEO Framework are just two solutions designed to simplify search engine optimization.

Yoast SEO - the leading plugin

At Yoast SEO it is probably one of the most popular plugins. The numbers paint a clear picture. The downloads of the plugin are in the millions. This means that the Yoast SEO plug-in is clearly one of the plugins that are ahead of the curve. The question that remains open, however, is whether there are also alternatives. After all, Yoast isn't the only SEO plugin. Many users see “The SEO Framework” as a modern alternative.

The Yoast SEO plugin is known for its traffic light system, which is still proven. However, the manufacturer not only relies on tried and tested properties, but also provides its customers with regular updates. A website is dedicated to the plugin itself. In addition to a forum, there is support on the website. Courses on the topic of SEO are also offered on the website. There are also numerous video tutorials and text tutorials that can be found on various websites and blogs. Since the plugin is so popular, numerous users are ready to share their knowledge with the online world.

What is The SEO Framework - Definition and Application

The plugin "The SEO Framework”Is primarily suitable for search engine optimization, as the name suggests. It helps the WordPress user to quickly and specifically make all the necessary settings that are necessary to always be up to date in technical SEO. To do this, the plugin is updated in the editor and provides windows for the pages and posts, which include the following statements, among others.

In general, users praise the plugin for its good overview. It convinces with a modern design that is easy to navigate. The user interface is kept simple. The SEO boxes are very popular.

The SEO Framework settings are primarily designed for the visibility of the articles, which thanks to them can be regulated in detail. The icons are helpful. They enable good orientation and separate the different fields from one another. Thus, the display is not sparse, but can be easily understood. Colors and boxes are also used so that you don't have to enter everything yourself. In addition to the pages, it is possible to edit the categories and contributions.

The meta title (title) and the meta description (description) are specifically rated here with a colored bar. Red means too short, green means just right, orange means too long. In addition, you can store an Open Graph and Twitter description on the respective sub-pages.

The archive settings are used to categorize posts. In this way, the visibility can be regulated using the archive settings. You can choose whether the post appears in the archive or in the blog search.

It is also possible to create a canonical URL (canonical) individually for each contribution page. This is a great advantage if you want to avoid duplicate content because you have the same topic under a different URL or the page has been mirrored on a different URL.

The whole thing is rounded off by the possibility of excluding individual URLs from the index, in which you can insert robots meta settings. In the “Visibility” tab, there is thus the option of inserting a command for “nofollow” or “noindex”.

Users use the plugins to make general SEO settings. You also submit the metadata for the homepage, which is often also referred to as the homepage. At the same time, the users create the sitemap and work on its subdivision. In addition, the feed, webmaster metadata and robots metadata can be edited using The SEO Framework plugin.

The SEO Framework - Extension Manager

Are the settings insufficient? Are all features already exhausted, but the desired goal has not yet been achieved? - Then it's time to expand. It's called The SEO Framework - Extension Manager. The extension includes both free and chargeable features that can be found under the Extension tab after installation. Users can choose between the Essentials solution and the Premium solution, which have different annual prices. If you don't want to spend any more money, you can choose the free area. In the free area there are some features that contribute significantly to improved optimization. However, the chargeable extensions should not be ignored either.

But what are the exciting extensions? Which were the users in the premium area?

The monitor is one of the premium features. The monitor can be used to monitor the SEO performance and the availability of the website. In a way, the monitor is like a window. Thanks to the monitor, statistics can be collected. At the same time, changes in the optimization can be checked for their value.

The Local SEO feature makes sense, as is the focus, which controls the use of the keyword. The focus gives a direct insight into the keyword density. Is the keyword already being used too often or should it be incorporated multiple times? In order for the page to be ranked well later, it is important to use the right keyword density. Humans are not machines. You notice the frequent use of a keyword unpleasantly. The text quickly becomes illegible and the page is left again. This behavior is later reflected in the ranking of the page. Often the mistake is made that a keyword is mentioned too often.

What is a Yoast SEO Definition and Application

Yoast SEO is a well-known and widespread plug-in solution that makes it easier for users to optimize the search engine. Thanks to the different settings, specific changes can be made.

The following functions are characteristic of Yoast SEO.

The Canonical URLs help prevent duplicate content. As with The SEO Framework Plugin, this function is one of the essential components.

In addition, Yoast SEO can be used to establish links to social networks. Among other things, the accounts can be entered. Social media has become a core part of modern websites. There is hardly a website without links.

Yoast SEO has numerous checking mechanisms. So not only the metadata, but also the texts in the contributions are checked in order to provide a comprehensive assessment. Yoast SEO gives its users the chance to improve both the text content and the metadata and thus achieve a higher level in search engine optimization. Among other things, legibility is taken into account.

The readability is optimized with the help of headers or lists. Paragraphs are also pertinent. Yoast SEO provides all of these suggestions for improvement. The clear evaluation is advantageous. The plugin provides a whole range of criteria that must be met in order to achieve a higher ranking. In this way, not only is the website optimized, but the users also get to know important aspects of SEO optimization at the same time. The German language is supported by Yoast SEO. The suggestions for improvement are precisely formulated. So the information can be found in exact numbers.

Furthermore, an analysis of the key words takes place. Great importance is attached to their density.

The comparison - Yoast SEO or The SEO Framework

The free solutions

First, the free version of the two plugins will be considered. Both with The SEO Framework and with the SEO Plugin, the basic package is adequately equipped. The basic packages facilitate the SEO work on the website and provide helpful settings that enable the website to be better placed on the Internet.

The paid solutions

While Yoast SEO only has a premium package, The SEO Framework is equipped with several paid versions that are staggered in their prices. Both providers provide high-quality settings in their fee-based solutions that make the upgrade understandable. If you want to achieve excellent results and want to deal with the SEO of your website in a complex way, you can opt for a paid solution that has much more than just the basic functions.

The settings

While The SEO Framework focuses on the user-friendly interface, SEO Yoast is saturated with a multitude of settings. Among other things, SEO Yoast provides the user with notifications, as well as with tips that should facilitate the use. The same applies to the traffic light system. Even if the design is very different, the settings are similar.

The representation

In the representation, the SEO plugins drift apart a lot. They have different user interfaces and are clearly differentiated. Even for experienced users of Yoast SEO, switching to The SEO Framework is not problematic, because despite different user interfaces, the plugins have a similar workspace.

An initial assessment

Yoast SEO has a wide range and has established itself as a popular plugin. The fact is that many settings can also be found in The SEO Framework. These settings include the Canonical URL, among others. Many settings are used almost congruently.

The SEO Framework convinces with a user-friendly and modern design. The plugin is easy to navigate and has an attractive design. Users highlight the SEO boxes. They distinguish the plugin and offer added value for the user.

It is possible to switch between the two plugins. Users of Yoast SEO can usually easily find themselves rightly at The SEO Framework, as the plugins operate similarly.

The premium variants highlight a clear difference. While Yoast SEO only offers a paid upgrade, The SEO Framework convinces with a staggering.

But which product is better?

There are hardly any qualitative differences. Both plugins have high standards. Many users decide to switch between the free programs in order to get to know the plugins better. The search engine optimization of a website is just as individual as the design. Therefore, there is no clear favorite at this point. It is always advantageous to deal with the experiences of other users and to gather your own experience. There are no clear guidelines.