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Piano tuning

The pianos are tuned and serviced by mdw employees or companies authorized by mdw.
Around 1.5 hours are needed for tuning, if additional work is required (such as changing strings), this can also take considerably longer.
Tuning requires a high level of concentration and precise listening on the part of the technician, so it is important to ensure an undisturbed time window for the duration of the activity (no setting up, playing, etc. in the room)

Voice request (s)

The following information is required to coordinate the tunings and optimally prepare the pianos:

  • Place and name of the room
  • date
  • Available time slot (normally 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.)
  • 1.5 hours for one piano, 3 hours for 2 pianos,
  • if 2 pianos are to be tuned together: 3.5 hours
  • Model specification (especially when two or more instruments are in the room)
  • Type of event (concert, sound recordings, congress, etc.)
  • Cost center (KS) for projects / competitions and for moods on weekends
  • Contact person with telephone number and / or email address for any queries
  • Desired moods please until the 20th of the previous month Report.
  • Please send short-term requirements or changes to [email protected]

Complaints / damage

If you find a piano in a less than perfect condition or even damaged, please contact the responsible person

Headmaster / porter, in the institute's office
or the keyboard instruments service

report directly.
It can happen that strings break while playing or the mechanics of the piano bench fail.
Please do not hesitate to make a report so that this can be resolved quickly.


  • Tuning pitch: the concert and podium instruments are tuned to 443 Hertz.
  • Any long-term change in temperature and humidity has a negative effect on the instruments and at least changes the pitch of the pitch. See information about HUMIDITY
  • Preparation / s: in order to maintain the high quality of the pianos, the concert instruments are not available for heavy preparations. We would be happy to provide a suitable instrument.
  • Supervision of third-party property: For pianos that are not owned by mdw, the respective company is commissioned by the owner.
    This concerns possible legal claims in the event of damage.
  • Further information on the care and maintenance of the pianos can be found here

Piano service contact:

Tel .: +43 1 71155-7201
Email: [email protected]

In emergencies outside of office hours the keyboard instruments service can also be accessed via mobile:

Christian Kern
Mobile: + 43-664-887 908 06

Martina Schodl
Mobile: + 43-664-887 908 07

Additional Information:

Overview of the podium instruments