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How do I write female characters as a male writer?

I will agree with Galastel (write a person) and Wetcircuit (Celeste sounds flat). For the latter, whenever I think of my beloved, I never take stock of their physical characteristics. I have images in my head that cannot be articulated. If I were to describe her feelings for Marko, instead of listing attributes that might be on a robot, I would say something like "Introduce him, did she feel a compelling attraction, a desire for it." be next to him. "

Obsession and the desire for simple non-sexual physical closeness to want to be with your lover are part of the nature of new love, for both men and women; and like Marko looks like Doesn't matter in this equation, people fall in love with others of all kinds. Neither does the gender of the person; Women in love share the same obsession, closeness, and sexual desires, tunnel vision, hypersensitivity to relationship threats (e.g., a minor disagreement feels life threatening), and error blindness as men. Generally, if the relationship survives this infatuation phase, it becomes codependent.

Also, "most importantly, did he seem to love her"? That is strangely analytical and computationally selective and self-centered. Is Celeste a Psychopath?

The most important thing is that SHE is in love with HIM and cannot imagine her future without him. that she feels that if she doesn't make the effort to marry him and have a family together, she will regret it forever. And when she thinks about it in that short life of the 14th century, she realizes that the sooner you do it, the better. (And given her long life, she can have a career after her children grow up. I doubt 23rd century society would make a huge difference between the ages of 20 and 35 when people have babies and they have babies by the age of 70 Years of raising.).

Notice that Marko could feel the same thought process. The most important thing for him is that HE is in love with HER and cannot imagine his future without her. and he feels that if he doesn't make an effort to marry her and have a family with her, he will regret it forever.

Women don't have to think more about their feelings or motivations than men. In modern IRL society, men still carry most of the burden of persecuting women and finding themselves worthy partners, while women still have the privilege of being selective about their suitors. This is a psychological evolutionary quirk that is rooted in different biology. This means that men are more expendable than women in terms of procreation: the next generation can be fathered by few men, so men who are lost in battle or in dangerous work are not missed, but every womb lost is a person who wasn't born. So men wage wars, take risks, hunt or fight for the right to wage, and so on.

However, in your post-wake society, this dynamic of social interaction should be toned down significantly. I think, you do not know as Marko thinks, because you are not from his time and not into his location offset. Marko and Celeste shouldn't think like a "man" and a "woman". The only thing that is different between them is theirs sexual orientation . and that's all about feelings of attraction. He is physically attracted and aroused to women who look like them, and she is physically attracted and aroused to men who look like him. He is romantically attracted to women with their intelligence, humor, and attitude, she applies to him too. But these should be presented as feelings.

She realized that she hadn't seen a glass window anywhere

I would rephrase that in feelings too. Naturally her slate doesn't work, she knows that the cloud is hardware, radio receivers, etc. The word is apparently irritating.

She realized that she hadn't seen a glass window anywhere.
"When was glass invented?" she whispered almost softly. God, she missed the cloud, the instant answers, the AI ​​that always knew what you wanted and why you asked. It felt like she had part of hers Lost brain So often she had to suppress the urge to ask the cloud about a fact, a direction, a probability from trivial to major. You bet Marko felt the same way. [Now her thoughts turn to Marko.]

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Many Thanks. That was very helpful. I work best with examples so that I can internalize this well.

JD Ray

Also, I am now wondering about my own psychology. : - |


Damn it, I can't love then (what a find / s). Or, um, I can't live if humanity dies then I love humanity as a whole, but never a person.


But I just meant that these love treatments could be perverted. I can take care of others. Even if I can imagine my life without her. Even if I want to be with them. I wouldn't commit suicide if they weren't with me. So love is not a dependency. Otherwise we should use the term "drug lover". Humanity as a whole is the only example of which I could commit suicide. Because life becomes meaningless. Love is not here


@ rus9384 Not a future without someone to introduce being able to do so is not the same as being able to do without it to die . and it's a phrase. Implicitly, this means that you are a happy ones Can't imagine the future without someone else being there. I should think any writer who is the audience for this site could find out. I don't think I mentioned suicide anywhere. This description is not perverse, it is based on actual psychological studies of volunteers who recently fell in love. This is how people act, and I think it is valuable information for authors who want to write about it.