What is Shiva Shakti worship

In the Shiva temples a vessel made of copper or brass hangs with one
Hole in the middle above the Shiva image or Shiva lingam and water
flows day and night on the icon. The lingam with water, milk, ghee,
Watering yogurt, honey, coconut water, panchamrita, etc. is abhisheka.
Abhisheka is performed for Shiva. Rudri is sung. Shiva is appeased by Abhisheka.
Shiva drank the poison that oozed from the ocean. For cooling he wore the Ganges and the moon on his head. He has the fiery third eye. Constant abhisheka cools this eye.
Abhisheka is part of a Shiva Puja. Without an abhisheka there is worship of Shiva
not completely. Ganges water, milk, ghee, rose water, coconut water,
Sandalwood paste, panchamrita, fragrant oils, sugar beet juice, lemon juice are used for abhisheka. After each abhisheka, pure water is poured over Shiva's head.
The abhisheka water is considered very sacred and is for those
Of great use to devotees who take it as Prasad from Shiva. Is similar
so do other things used for abhisheka. The Abhisheka
Water purifies the heart and destroys infinite sins. You have to go with it
to take in intense bhava (devotion) and belief.
When doing abhisheka with bhava and worship, the mind is very great
concentrated. The heart is with divine thoughts and the image of Shiva
filled. In doing so, one forgets the body, its reactions and the environment.
Egoism is gradually disappearing. When oblivion occurs, one can experience Shiva's joy and eternal bliss. Repeating Rudri or Om Namah
Shivaya purifies the mind and fills it with sattwa.
Thoughts arise when offering Panchamrita, honey, milk, etc. for Shiva
back to the body. Selfishness gradually disappears. You experience a lot
deep joy and begins to increase the offerings for Shiva. Self-renunciation and devotion are strengthened and naturally it flows from the heart: “I am yours, my God! Everything is yours, my God! "
A famous admirer of Shiva, Kannappa Nayanar, a hunter by profession, made abhisheka with the water of his mouth on the lingam in Kalahasti in southern India and favored Shiva. Shiva enjoys sincere veneration. It is the mindset (bhava) that counts and not the outward display.
Shiva said to a temple priest, “The water from my mouth
beloved admirer Kannappa is purer than the water from the Ganges. "
In northern India, every temple-goer takes some water and pours it over the image of Shiva. That also brings good success and the fulfillment of your own
Wishes. Performing Abhisheka at Shivaratri (“Saints
Night of Shivas ”, special holiday).
When one has Abhisheka with recitations of Rudripatha for a sufferer or
Makes sick, then he is freed from his suffering or illness.
Incurable diseases are cured by Abhisheka. Abhisheka helps
Health, wealth, prosperity, offspring, etc. Abhisheka in one
Monday is particularly cheap.
When asking for rain, abhisheka should be done with pure water.
To be cured of diseases or to have a son,
Abhisheka should be made with milk. When abhisheka is made with milk
even an infertile woman will have children. Also this person gets
many cows. If Abhisheka is practiced with Kusa water, one becomes of
freed from all suffering. If you want to achieve prosperity, you should take Abhisheka with you
Run ghee, honey, or sugar beet juice. Who attain liberation (moksha)
should do abhisheka with consecrated water.
The greatest and highest Abhisheka, however, is when the Atma Linga (the Self) sitting in the lotus of the heart is poured with the water of pure love.
The Abhisheka, executed externally with different materials, helps that
To intensify adoration and adoration of Shiva in order to finally lead to the inner abhisheka with a pure steady stream of love.